Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'Our Betrayal Part 2' -- Ripper Street 2x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Interesting. So, we've had somewhat of a reversal of the characters of Drake and Reid (where Drake started off being the bulldog, and Reid started off as the lily). Even if his job hadn't already started to make things difficult between him and his new lady friend, the fact that she saw him demanding that Drake kill Shine will certainly put a damper on whatever may happen between the two of them in the future (which, at this point, doesn't seem like much at all).

And it seemed a bit out of bounds to keep demanding that Drake be the one who got Shine's blood on his hands, instead of Reid doing the deed himself (if that's really what he wanted to happen). It didn't sit all that well with me that he wanted the violence to be done, but he was unwilling to do it himself. It wasn't even just that it smacked of hypocrisy to me ... it was also the fact that what he was demanding of Drake would have taken away of Drake's soul. Granted, this is exactly the sort of thing that Drake would have been fine with doing not that long ago, but he's not alright with doing it anymore (cuz he's changed).

Even as much as I would like Susan and Jackson to make up and get back together, I don't get the feeling that Susan is going to be able to forgive him for what happened. It seems like they may have flirted with love when they first got together, but their relationship may have been based much more on passion than love ... and that passion may have finally run out (despite looking like it may have been enough to save them last season).

I am really glad that it was Susan that was the one who knifed Duggan. In another show set in the same time period, the writers could have feasibly have had one of the boys do it for her (most likely Jackson, since he was so desperate to make things up to her and try to win her back). But the fact that it was Susan that Duggan was holding over the barrel (and who he was forcing to do things that she really didn't want to do), I am glad that it was her that was able to exact the revenge and get her free ... even if it was her taking advantage of the moment that was created by Jackson and his brother.

Speaking of Jackson's brother, I don't know why Jackson would have trusted him at all, if he knew that his brother was so untrustworthy. Sure, he wanted to get the plan worked out so that he could get the money that Duggan would have paid for the diamond (so that he could pay Duggan back with it to free Susan), but if he really wanted it to work out (and knowing that his brother was likely to skip town with the cash), he probably should have gotten someone else to help him out. I'm not sure who he might have gotten to do it (since he seemed reluctant to let anyone else know anything that was really going on between him and his brother), but there had to've been someone that he could have trusted (maybe one of Susan's girls?).

I'm glad that the show was picked up for a third series, and I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to have happened between the series two finale and the series three premier. The fact that it's supposed to start up again a few years down the road will probably mean that there will have been all manner of fall out from this episode.

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