Friday, April 18, 2014

'Boneless' -- Vikings 2x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

It felt like nothing much really happened in this episode; it felt much more like what happened in this episode was set up for things that are going to be happening later on in the season ... well, since it's so late in their season, things that are going to be happening in the two final episodes. I am really hoping that what happens in the finale for this season isn't the same sort of thing that happened in the finale of last season (where exactly dick happened, even though everything should have been happening so that people would want to come back for the following season to find out what was going to happen next).

I'll admit that when we finally found out what was wrong with the new baby, my first thought was of 300, and that scene at the beginning where it showed the bones of all the Spartan babies that had been killed cuz they weren't good enough. This wouldn't have been as crazy as that (since the baby will certainly have a tone of problems ... much more than he might have now ... and way more than if he knew Hermione Granger).

But then, I thought of how many months must have passed within the last two or three episodes. She just had the other baby (the Snake in the Eye one), and now she's already had Boneless ... and still nothing has really been happening with them and the war on England. It seems like it would make a bit more sense to try to get back to England a little faster than what they've done, so that they could catch everyone off-guard if there was a fight (and so Ecbert wouldn't be able to do exactly what he's been doing and getting himself allies to lay the beat down on the Vikings when they come back, cuz I get the impression that he's not stupid enough to believe that Ragnar and his gang would just never come back).

Sure, Ragnar needed to make sure that he still had people to help him out, and there have been some fast and sweet words that he's had to say to make sure that he's still got people to help him out (especially since Horik seems determined to make sure that everyone is against Ragnar as soon as this whole thing with Ecbert is over). But even if he's still got to make sure that he has friends to help him with what he wants to do, it still seemed like he waited a whole hell of a lot longer than may have been necessary.

Speaking of Horik, I really don't like the fact that he's been whispering into people's ears, and it seems like they have been listening somewhat. Even if Floki and Lagertha don't ditch Ragnar for Horik, the things that he's been whispering to them will probably poison whatever relationship that the two of them still have with Ragnar (to the point where there would be such doubts in their minds that they wouldn't want to have much of anything more to do with him). It especially makes me sad that Floki seems to be moving away from Ragnar and going over to Horik's camp, since Ragnar and Floki are supposed to be BFFs. But I get the feeling that things might be mended somewhat if Ragnar would be a little more open and honest with Floki (instead of keeping him in the dark about pretty much everything, and making Floki feel like he's being used).

Also, I really want to know what happened with Floki and Helga's baby. Cuz one second, she was pregnant, and the next second she wasn't. Did she abort it? If she did, it would make sense via what the writers had been doing with the show and the characters, but they haven't mentioned the fact that she doesn't seem to be pregnant anymore and there is no baby. I know that this bugging me is coming down to my INTJ brain needing some things spelled out so that I don't have to wonder about them anymore (kind of like how on "Grimm," I'm still convinced that Eric is still alive (even though everyone keeps saying that he's dead), since we've never seen a body, or even the aftermath of the place where he was supposed to have really died ... and I don't mean the plane crash, cuz we all know by now that he survived the crash). If they would do this so that I don't have to assume, it would make my brain so much happier.

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