Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Winter Soldier.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I went and saw The Winter Soldier yesterday, and waited until I got back from that before I watched the episode "Turn, Turn, Turn" of "Agents of SHIELD." I had heard that everything kind of tied in with that, and that if you missed the movie, there would be all sorts of stuff that would be thrown at you that you wouldn't necessarily understand in the episode. And really, I'm really glad that I did it that way, since it really (for reals) would have ruined the movie for me if I had watched the episode first; everything was tied to what happened in the film.

Speaking of the film ...

Holy fuck balls you guys. I mean, seriously. Everything has been thrown out the window right now with the return of Hydra and finding out that Hydra has really been a part of SHIELD the entire time (even when most everyone thought that it had been destroyed back in the day).

And now, if SHIELD is all gone, what the hell does that do for the rest of the Marvel universe (at least as far as the Avengers and AoS is concerned)? It seems to me that there would have to be a serious monkey wrench thrown into the whole thing cuz of that. And I have a feeling that it would probably do something as far as Phase 2 is concerned (and probably going into Phase 3 as well).

I will say that Hydra making a reappearance in the universe made this last episode of AoS a whole hell of a lot better. I was seriously getting bored with the entire thing, and was on the verge of letting the whole show go (that's seriously how bored I was getting with it). But if this has made things turn around and start getting all back-stabby (while keeping us guessing about who is really on who's side), I very well may keep going ... at least until the end of this season.

The thing with Ward ... I'm hoping so bad that he has only gone off and pretended that he's going to be working with Hydra right now. I really badly want to believe that he was working via some secret mission that was given to him by Coulson (cuz of that nod that they shared right before Ward went off), and that he's going to try to find the hold-outs from Hydra to take them out (or help Coulson to know where they are so that he can bring the gang in to take them out). It makes me not happy on the inside if Ward has really decided that he doesn't want to be a good guy anymore, cuz I kind of want the big idiot to be a white had.

Also speaking of the film ... I am very grateful for this write up on io9 from last week, since it gave us all kinds of Easter eggs to look for (and to suddenly understand if we didn't catch the reference when we watched). Of course, there are all sorts of spoilers for the film in that link, so if you haven't watched it (and plan on doing so), you probably shouldn't go strolling around there.

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