Monday, April 21, 2014

'Breaker of Chains' -- GoT 4x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tyrion continues to be the biggest pimp in the entire kingdom ... even if he is locked up at the moment. I loved the interaction between him and Pod, with him realizing that he was completely boned and trying to get Pod to agree to save himself (even while Pod felt completely guilty at the very idea of selling out Tyrion ... especially since doing so would mean telling a bald-faced lie). Good on them both.

And now we have the return of Little Finger. I'll completely admit that every time that I see him, I want to shake the hell out of him, cuz he's so backstabby. But then, Varys is backstabby as well, but I rather like him. I think it may come down to their motivations. Varys seems to just want to survive (so, he does questionable things to make sure that he can do that); Little Finger seems to just want to take down the entire world for the hell of it. But then, even while saying it that way, it would seem like I should like Little Finger as well (since he's the closest thing to Loki in this story as we've probably seen so far, and I dig me some Loki (especially when we're talking about the legit Loki ... the one from Heathenism)). So, I don't know, maybe there's something a bit more going on that is making me really not like him.

As much as I really can't stand Sansa in the books, I am finding myself kind of cheering her on in this season. I think part of that may have to do with the fact that I saw someone say that they thought that it would be kind of awesome if Sansa turned into the next Cersei (having learned at Cercei's feet about how to be ruthless). But combined with that, I like the idea that she will take what she has learned from Cercei and mix it in with the Stark sensibility of honor to create something slightly parallel to both of those things. So, while I do sometimes find myself getting kind of annoyed with her, I still want to see that, and have started wanting to see her survive all of this.

I thought that it was incredibly smart of Dany to shoot all of those collars toward the city that she was trying to take out ... and it was very smart of the writers to have that be the last thing in the episode. As soon as you could see the wheels turning in that one slave's mind about how things would be so much better if he wasn't a slave anymore, and that there might actually be a possibility that he might be free to live his own life, you could tell that there was about to be a giant beat-down (cuz there would have had to've been all manner of others who were thinking exactly the same thing).

Arya continues to be a little badass, and I love that she's not the least bit afraid of the Hound (she goes right up to him and tells him that she thinks he's a giant douche). I am really looking forward to seeing them do the stuff that is going to be coming with her, since I love her, and I love the stuff that's been going on with her in A Dance With Dragons. Really, that stuff cannot come fast enough.

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