Sunday, April 13, 2014

'The Law of Sacrifice' -- Grimm 3x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I really want to shake the hell out of Nick's mom, and not just cuz I don't trust her as far as I would be able to throw her. Everything that she did in the episode looked like a giant manipulation with the final scene. It's not even that I think that she really wants a do-over cuz she chose to give up her son to her sister so that she could "protect him" (which I think is called into question cuz of this episode); it's the fact that she now has what appears to be the most powerful hexenbiest that is currently alive, and she also has the Coins of Zakynthos. The fact that she has both of these things makes me think that she has some sort of long con going on, and that she has every intention of doing something that will fuck everything up. I get the feeling that with the combination of the Coins and the baby, she is on her way to not just get rid of the Royals, but she's also maybe on her way toward creating her own World Order. It probably wouldn't be anything overt, but it would probably be something that would become the underpinning of a lot of things that the rest of the world would depend on (without realizing that it was dependent on).

I wouldn't be surprised at all if she added a few more things to the collection that she is putting together ... something that would make it even more impossible for the world to resist what she has planned. I don't know what those things would be, but I wouldn't put it past her to collect anything and everything that she could get her hands on to make sure that it happens.

I am still not convinced that Renard is the baby's father. I get the feeling that he wants to be the father, and that Adalind is telling him that he is so that she could manipulate him into helping her (cuz that's just the type of person that she is ... even if she has appeared to change somewhat with motherhood, and has stopped being a complete bitch).

And I'm still not entirely convinced that everyone taking Nick's mom up on her plan for how to make sure that the baby grows up to be a "normal" person who has empathy for other people proves that the other characters are all that bright. It's true that Adalind would have to go on the run for the rest of her life if Viktor thought that she still had her daughter with her, but how is not being with your mother (especially when your mother loves you) a bad thing? Not all mothers are going to be good moms, or even good people, granted, but Adalind (at this point)wanted to keep her child, and it seems like the best thing for them both would have been to stay with each other (even if they did have to go on the run). It seems like it might have helped them both get their feet on the ground (and for Diana to not turn out to be a horrible person) if they had remained with Meisner. He could have helped to make sure that the two of them were safe, and Diana could have had someone who wouldn't have taken any of her lip (while helping Adalind to also make sure that Diana didn't turn out to be a horrible human being. Sure, Adalind wasn't the greatest person, but she at least appeared to be willing to be somewhat decent when she was around Meisner).

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