Friday, April 11, 2014

'No Way Out' -- Suits 3x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While taking the other job would save Mike a whole hell of a lot of aggravation, I don't see how the writers would be able to keep the show going if they took Mike out of the equation as a lawyer. The whole thing that they were basing the premise of the show on was that Mike was faking being a lawyer and the others were covering for him. Granted, there's only so far that they're going to be able to go with the show before they have to change things up somewhat, but ... I just wish that I could see right now how they could make the show work without Mike being part of Pearson Spector. But then, there's always the possibility that they're just trying to wind us up so that we come back for the next season by trying to make us think that Mike is really going to be leaving forever.

I don't know yet if I like the idea that Harvey told Scotty what was really going on. Yeah, he wanted to be honest with her, but ... I don't trust that one day it wouldn't slip out of her if she got pissed off enough. Sure, it would put Mike, Donna, and Jessica up the creek in addition to Harvey (who would probably be her real target if she let that information out), but I don't know that she would necessarily care. Granted, she has kept her mouth shut about things in the past, so it's entirely possible that she may be able to keep this to herself (even without Harvey's reassurance to Donna that she will).

I did appreciate the fact that Luis jumped right in and started helping without knowing all of the details of what was going on, cuz of his loyalty to the people in the firm. Sometimes I want to shake the hell out of him, but then, there are times like this when I want to pinch the hell out of his cheeks for being a good guy (and not letting his peoples go down for stuff ... even if they completely did the thing that they are being accused of).

Another person that I want to shake the hell out of? Rachel. It's true that I like Mike with her a lot better than that chick that was his friend's ex-girlfriend (from back in season one ... but whose name I am completely blanking on), cuz the two of them seem to be better for each other than Mike and what's her face, but there are seriously times when I just want to shake Rachel. Whether or not she might have cause to get pissed with Mike, the fact that pretty much everything gets her pissed at him has become kind of tiresome (and make me wonder if the writers went to the School of JK Rowling Writing Romantic Relationships, cuz let's fact it, that's pretty much how she wrote relationships ... they weren't truly in love unless they were constantly bickering with each other). Then again, I wanted to shake Harvey and Scotty for pretty much the same exact thing, since the two of them seemed to constantly be bickering despite having the hots for each other.

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