Monday, April 28, 2014

'Oathkeeper' -- GoT 4x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, Brienne. I really need to give you a giant hug (and not cuz you're at least eight feet high). I need to give you a giant hug, cuz you keep falling for the doodes who are never going to love you back (or at least, even if they start to maybe, kind of have feelings for you, they are either never going to admit to themselves that they have them, or they're never going to act on them). It's crazy how much I'm shipping Jaime/Brienne in the show (and how much I'm shipping Arya/Gendry in the books), and I want the two of them to end up together ... provided that Jaime and Tyrion are the only Lannisters left standing, and Jamie can get over his whole thing about being a giant douche. Ok, so there's the thing about how he's not allowed to marry, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything (since the two of them could both be awesome knights, and could be seeing each other on the sly (or even not so much on the sly, where everyone knows it's happening, but everyone pretends like they don't know)).

I'm really looking forward to seeing the stuff between Brienne and Pod, since it amuses me in the books (and his inability to know whether he should be calling her "sir" or "lady"). I'm really glad that it's already started, and I have a feeling that it's going to continue to make me want to giggle for quite a while longer.

I want to punch Little Finger so very, very hard, but that goes right back to feeling like he's a smarmy bastard and being annoyed by that. I want Sansa to see what's he's like, not trust him, and learn how to beat him at his own game. It's not something that's going to happen right now, but it's still something that I would really like to see ... even more than I would like to see her and Tyrion become a power couple in which very few would be able to compare (but she would really need to get over some of her hang ups about the Lannisters ... which may be possible if things in the books keep going the way that they've been going).

Olenna Tyrell continues to be completely amazing, and I'm loving her just as much as I've loved her in the books. As cunning as she is, it would be nice to see her have a little more power, but I have a feeling that she had much more than what she had, things might start to unravel and fall apart (she may have learned to work perfectly with the amount of power that she has already have, and to give her anymore would not be a good thing, since she would be spreading herself too thin).

Tyrion continues to be the only Lannister who shouldn't be poked in the eye until he cries, and I suspect that it's going to remain that way for a very long time from now. I do like the fact that not only does Tyrion know about Jaime and Cersei, it doesn't stop him from being close with Jaime. If Jaime could just continue working his way toward being a decent human being ...

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