Sunday, April 6, 2014

'Our Betrayal Part 1' -- Ripper Street 2x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I knew it!! I knew that there was something going on with Flight!! The way that the writers started off that episode that centered around him with him in confession saying about how he needed to be forgiven for lying. That whole thing seemed far too hinky to me (even though it only lasted for a 30 seconds or so). And now we know for sure that he is doing something that he feels all kinds of guilty about.

I really want him to go to Reid (before Reid figures everything out) and let him know what's been going on. It's not just that it would makes things a million times easier on him when this whole thing comes out, but it will also make things tons easier on him when everything starts to blow over. I kind of have the feeling that he probably will at least start to say something before Reid finds out, only cuz he does seem like he's a decent person in hi core, and everything that's been happening with Shine has probably been eating away at him (and I still do believe that he is a good person at his core ... a good person who was caught in a bad situation and tried to do the best that he could cuz of it).

The guy playing Daniel Judge (Jackson's brother), this is the third show that I watch that he's been a part of in the past couple of years, and it's starting to freak me out. And he played someone named Daniel on another of them as well. At this point, I'm kind of surprised that I haven't seen him on "Criminal Minds," since they tend to have all manner of people as guest stars that have been part of other fandoms that I have been a part of. But he started off as a Daniel on "Suits," then, he was on "Grimm," and now he's been on "Ripper Street." I almost have the feeling that this is probably not the last time that I'm going to see him within my fandoms.

As much as I want Susan and Jackson to get back together (cuz I like the two of them together), I have the feeling that they're probably done for. As much as they love each other (or have loved each other in the past), they really don't work together. Their relationship (at its core) seems to have been based almost exclusively on sex, and it doesn't seem that something like that is going to last forever ... unless they are able to find some other common ground and trust with each other; but the way that things are now, I don't see Susan trusting Jackson again, no matter how much either of them might like for her to be able to.

Rose saying that she has never been with anyone that she's ever loved ... I don't really believe that. I think that she does love Drake ... maybe not the way that he may have wanted her to in the past (or the way that he probably still wants her to now), I do think that she cares deeply about him. And I'll admit to still wanting the two of them to be together (and not just cuz I want at least one of the boys to have a love life that works out ... or that having the one that works out be Drake's makes me all the more happy at the idea).

Finally with getting back to Shine. There has been too many episodes where Shine hasn't been involved, when they set him up in the beginning as the one that Reid really needs to look out for. And I'll admit that I am wanting the fight that happens between the two of them to be something kind of epic (or as epic as anything that is going to come out of a period drama).

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