Saturday, April 5, 2014

'Synchronicity' -- Grimm 3x17

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Can we get some more backstory regarding Nick, Nick's mom, and Aunt Marie? This little bit that we got with this episode was fantastic (they didn't really cover new ground, but it was at least nice to see some of the stuff that we already knew had happened come to life), and I would adore being able to get some more. It would, in fact, make me all happy inside of that place where I should have feelings.

I also want to know how they suddenly know that Renard is the baby's father? The first thing that we heard about the possible paternity of the baby was that Adalind wasn't sure whether it was Sean or Eric. Then, suddenly, Renard is super sure that it was him that was the baby's father. And now, Adalind is introducing Renard to the baby as her father. I mean, I get that she may be manipulating him, cuz he's the only one that's around right now for her to be able to manipulate (which may be exactly what's going on), but I still want to know what it was that made him so sure in the first place, and what would make her so sure as well (if she isn't just trying to use him for all he's worth). There has to be some sort of hexenbiest spell that could be used that would allow her to figure out which it was. I can't imagine that he would have been able to do it, himself, without a bit of the baby's blood (or something along those lines) ... not that we've been given any kind of clue as to the fact that he might have been able to cast spells and the like. For all we have been able to see, he's just a regular guy ... aside from the fact that he's half a Zauberbiest ... and we haven't been show anything that would make it appear that his mother might have taught him the craft at all (or that he would have even have been able to, seeing as how he's half human).

I almost get the feeling that the reason why Eric has been dropped from the show without us ever seeing his body (or being given any real proof as to the fact that he might, or might not, be dead), and the reason why Renard is now slotted as being the baby's father is that there may have been a contract dispute with the actor who was playing Eric. Maybe he wanted more money, or something, and the peoples involved with the show weren't willing to give it to him, and they let him go. It would make sense as to why he has suddenly left the show, and the rumors of his demise have not set as well with me as they might have. I think this is how I'm going to handwave the whole thing with him, since it will help my brain from exploding when it comes to him.

Finally, an explanation as to how Wesen are able to figure out that Nick's a Grimm. It was seriously driving me a bit crazy that we never knew how they knew what he was, and that he never bothered to ask the two people that he could have gotten the answer from. It really should not have taken him that long to ask them about it. Maybe the writers hadn't figured it out yet, but ... damn. It would have been nice if we had been given this little bit of information quite a bit sooner; that way, I wouldn't have had to've been mulling it over inside of my brainpan for the past two seasons or so (and being driven crazy by just how it is that they would have been able to know what Nick was).

But Monroe and Rosalee's idea for how the Wesen would be able to not figure out what Nick was ... that felt a little bit contrived and cheap. I wish that they would have been able to come up with a better idea than that ... one that didn't seem like they pieced it together at the last minute when they realized that they had kind of painted themselves into a corner.

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