Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'The Lion and the Rose' -- GoT 4x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

And now the other sword has made an appearance. Good. I'm glad that they at least mentioned it ... even if it only lasted long enough for Joffrey to be a giant cock about Tyrion's gift (which he really should have been happy about ... instead of thinking that he knew everything that was good for him and the country). And the way that everyone just sat around looking uncomfortable while he tried to do everything that he could to make sure that Tyrion was humiliated.

It's getting to a point that it doesn't make much sense why everyone (with a few possible exceptions) hates and distrusts Tyrion. There are people in the kingdom who actually should be hated and distrusted, but he is not one of them; he is one of the few people around who is actually doing things that are good for everyone. There are some people who I can understand why they don't trust him, but that has more to do with family ties (rather than anything that he has actually done), but the people that are in his family shouldn't always think the worst of him. It probably comes from the fact that his father never really loved him (and seems to have despised him from the moment that he was born), and that probably colored the way that Cersei and Jamie may have looked at him ... maybe not so much Jamie (since the two of them appear to have at least a cordial relationship), but definitely Cersei.

There are times that I really want to shake Sansa. It's not just the fact that she's a silly girl, it's the fact that Tyrion has been kind to her (maybe a bit kinder to her than she deserves, seeing as how horrible she's been to him). But I'm glad that he hasn't stopped being kind to her, since it would make me think less of him (and I don't want to do that, since he's arguably the only Lannister worth surviving the purge that's going to happen when winter comes).

Speaking of wanting to shake the fuck out of someone, the way that Cersei was treating Brienne after the wedding made me hate her a little bit more (which didn't seem like it was entirely possible). It wasn't just that she made the comment about how Brienne was actually a lady and should act like one, it was the fact that she treated Brienne like crap cuz Brienne has worked for Renly, and then agreed to help Catelyn Stark, and now has allied herself with Jamie. Even if Brienne did start to have feelings for Jamie, she shouldn't be made to feel like crap about them, cuz she hasn't done anything wrong. Sure, Cersei's words came out of anger (over the fact that she felt like she was being pushed aside now that there was another queen) and jealousy (over the fact that she thinks that Jamie belongs only to her).

I'm sure that I can't be the only person who was glad that this was the last episode with Joffrey, since the little bastard was a pain in the ass (and he made everything far worse than it should have been). And I'll admit that the fact that he has always been a spoiled little fuck isn't the only reason why I'm glad that he's gone; the other part of why I'm glad he's gone is the fact that I'm looking forward to the show dealing with the stuff that's coming now that he's gone (cuz really, there's all sorts of interesting things that are going to happen now).

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