Thursday, April 3, 2014

'Unforgiven' -- Vikings 2x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

How can I not love Floki? I mean, really. His reaction to Siggy asking him if he could keep a secret ... perfection. I must give a most enthusiastic golf clap for his no, and mostly cuz of the way that it made me giggle like a mad thing once it was said.

Look at our little Bjorn, all grown up and mackin' on girls. I get the feeling that the chick that he's mackin' on has the makings to be a most triumphant shield maiden ... once she had the proper training for such a thing. But then, I'm not really surprised that he would be attracted to someone who had the capability of kicking so much ass; after all, his mother kicks all manner of ass (and looks completely fierce while doing it).

Speaking of Lagertha kicking ass ... oh, how I loved the fact that she stabbed her husband in the eye, and then, pretty much dared anyone else to try something with her. She has had pretty much exactly enough of every bit of their crap, and that is no lie. I was kind of surprised that she got some help from random guy, especially after what happened to her the night before. Either that guy hadn't been a part of the raiding party that sacked her badassery, or he decided that he was going to back a different horse (cuz the winds of change were gusting like a mofo). I almost have the feeling that now that her douche of a husband is dead, she is going to be the one who is left in charge of the place. This may not be the way that things are normally done, but I get the feeling that she may have more support in that place than we have been previously been led to realize, and the fact that she took at least one, small step to stop the abuse that he was heaping upon her, she may gain some more (respect and) support from the others. Then, if she is put in charge (as the new Jarl ... or whatever title that she gets), she will be brining a portion of the fighting men back to Ragnar to help him with the tiff that he's been having with Ecbert.

And now, speaking of Ecbert ... I really, sincerely don't trust him. I think that he's understood just how to maximize the manipulation of Athelstan, and our boy Athelstan doesn't see what is happening right in front of his face. But then, why would he? Homeboy is still a bit of an innocent (despite all that he has seen). Ecbert is certainly up with something with him, and I think it's more than just having someone around who will make all sorts of extra copies of the old Roman texts, and who will become his super secret knower of secret Roman Pagan things ... I'm just not sure exactly what it is just yet ... except that maybe Ecbert is wanting to get more information about how to defeat Ragnar, and thinks that Athelstan may be the best way to do that ... even if that seems like far too easy of a reason for him to be doing the things that he's doing.

And I don't like the way that Floki was talking smack about Athelstan. I know that he never really trusted him, but still ... I like them both, and I want them to at least be non-douchie to each other, even if they can't be friends. But when Horik started saying how Athelstan was a worthless person, I wanted Ragnar to reach across the table and smack him across the face like Ragnar was Tyrion Lannister and Horik was Joffrey. But I suppose that for now, I can accept Ragnar using Rollo to do a double-cross, making Horik think that he was completely on board with Horik's idea, killing all of Borg's men, and then, having his dudes beat the hell out of Borg (before telling Borg that he was going to perform the blood eagle on him). And really, I can't understand by Jarl Borg didn't get the least bit suspicious when Raganar offered dude's barn for his guys to sleep in ... there were all kinds of winks and nudges between Ragnar and his dude about "letting them sleep" inside the barn. And really, I can't say that I will be sad to see Jarl Borg go. ::waves bye to Borg::

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