Friday, April 18, 2014

'Meta Fiction' -- SPN 9x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I was so insanely happy when I saw Gabriel show up in this episode ... and so very sad when I realized that he really was dead after all (and it wasn't just another one of his tricks that Lu had been able to gank him). I would have loved it if he had come back for reals, since there needs to be a whole lot more of the trickster around. Why must the writers yank me around like that, instead of giving me exactly what I want? It would make things so much better if they would understand what it is that I would love for them to do, and if they did that.

Yet another super device introduced into the mythos of the show. So, now we have the Gabriel Trumpet out there, and everyone now knows exactly how to get it started and get everyone together using it. It still annoys me that they continually add things that are Super Weapons or Super Devices (especially lately) for either the boys (almost exclusively of the hunters), Metatron, or Crowley to use (or attempt to use). I think that I would have liked it much better if only Gabriel was able to use the Gabriel Trumpet. I mean, hell, his name is part of the device itself, so it would kind of make sense that only really he would be able to use it ... or at least, he's only able to use it easily. It seemed far too easy for everyone else to be able to create and use the Trumpet (far more easy than I thought that it should have been for them ... everyone seemed to understand and get the ingredients for it as though it were no big deal, and it seemed like it should have been kind of a big deal. Sure, it would have meant a little more build up, and not as much pay off, but the way that it was done felt like they didn't have to work for it).

I also didn't dig the idea that Cas ended up being so willing to use the Trumpet to get other angels to come to him so that he could lead them in the battle that Metatron wants him to be a part of. I get the feeling that he's being manipulated by Metatron (that the "play" that he was writing actually changed who Cas was as a person), and it made me feel icky that it was so easy for him to do that. Sure, he claims that he's God now, but Cas claimed he was God at one point as well, and things weren't that easy for him. Things seems to be far too easy for Metatron when it comes to taking over and using God-powers. Sure, he knows what was on the different tablets, but I don't get the feeling that there is a God Tablet (cuz that would be stupid); and it seems like it should be harder for him to become all powerful (or even as powerful as he seems to have become). The fact that he started off in the secretarial pool makes it seem to me that if he went too far in trying to access power (or use power), it might do him more harm than good (kind of the way it did to Cas when he tried to take in a billion leviathan). If Metatron had been an archangel, I might believe it that he might be able to do some things that were on the more crazy impressive side (but the fact that he started off at the secretarial pool would insinuate that he's a run of the mill angel as far as capability for using insane amounts of power).

Maybe there was something in the tablets that would let him know how to not burn out? It's possible, but I would really rather that they tell us that without us having to possibly assume that something like that was there (cuz that's kind of what it feels like we have to do right now).

And if Metatron really does have that much power, I don't understand why he doesn't just rewrite everything so that everything works his way and the way that he wants it to. Sure, he's said that he wants the boys to scurry around and try to stop him, but the hubris of that is infuriating and stupid (and wasn't there a point when we all decided that hubris + God-like power was cliché and not something that we should be doing, cuz of how over-done it is). And the more powerful that the writers make Metatron, the more impossible it seems that it would be for the boys to get rid of him and get the world back to normal. I almost get the feeling that the writers are starting to paint themselves into a corner with him, and I hope that they have some out when it comes to him and his defeat (but I'm not going to hold my breath. I have feeling that whatever they're going to do will probably end up being something that will be kind of stupid).

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