Saturday, April 26, 2014

'The Choice' -- Vikings 2x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am so glad that we know for certain that there is some bad blood between Ragnar and Floki (and that Ragnar knows that Floki's loyalties have been compromised by Horik. I don't like that there is bad blood between them, or that Horik has been whispering into Floki's ear, but I'm glad that Ragnar knows about what's been going on ... and that Floki knows that he hasn't been fooling anyone). Perhaps this is why we didn't see Floki in the battle that was at the beginning of the pilot ... Floki's loyalties had been so compromised by that point that he had been off fighting with Horik instead (and maybe he wasn't actually dead, like it may have seemed before ... but then, if Horik has his way, they may all be dead before anything that any of them want is actually accomplished).

I really don't like that Horik put the idea of killing Bjorn into Floki's head ... and I like it even less that Floki actually seemed to consider doing it (even if he only considered it for a moment). Floki has known Bjorn since Bjorn was a child, and he has always seemed to like the kid (even when he may have started to have issues with Ragnar). Sure, killing Bjorn would hurt Ragnar immensely, but the fact that Floki has always seemed like care for the kid (and the kid has always seemed to care for him) makes it feel like Floki should scoff at the idea ... at least when it is first presented to him.

Because of all of the backstabbing that Horik has been doing this season, I am having trouble not wanting something horrible to happen to him. Not the Blood Eagle (like what was done with Borg), but at least getting killed in battle ... and maybe being left there for a little while before he died ... from a knife to the stomach. But if the writers can continue to think of ways to have him put a wrench into all of Ragnar's plans (whether that be of getting land to farm or having peace with the neighbors), I don't see them killing him off any time soon (they'll probably find having him put a wrench into the plans a little too delicious for all of that).

I'm really glad that Athelstan decided that he was going to go back with Ragnar and become a Shield Maiden again (instead of staying in England). He probably felt a little too much of a prisoner in England (what with Ecbert having him on a leash the way that he did, and the prince giving him the side eye for not taking communion). I'm kind of surprised that Ecbert decided that he was going to let Athelstan go ... provided that Athelstan let him know what was going on (which I don't see why he wouldn't have). Even if Ecbert has seemed like he is the jealous boyfriend to the viewer, that doesn't mean that Athelstan would necessarily realize just how much danger he would have been in by even bringing up the subject of wanting to leave. But then, Ecbert threatening to kill him that time may have made him realize just how sensitive the ground was under his feet ... and may have made him more desperate to get away.

Things are probably not going to be all that good between him and Floki (or him and Horik), and I can't imagine that Horik wouldn't try to get Floki (or someone) to try and kill Athelstan to try and hurt Ragnar. Hell, the fact that Rollo wanted to kill him, even after he saved the big idiot, would probably be an indication that Horik wouldn't have to look very far to find someone who would be willing to do the deed for him ... which makes me kind of want it even more to be Athelstan to be the one who kills Horik.

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