Sunday, March 30, 2014

'A Stronger Loving World' -- Ripper Street 2x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, now we have a backstory for Bella, and why find out why she's been kind of cagey about letting anyone know anything that has happened to her in the past. And to have her past be full of a cult which was trying to cause all kinds of trouble with other people felt again like the writers were trying to touch on things that were happening in the world right now ... but I will admit that I did have a bit of a flash of Charles Manson with the cult that was going on in this episode. It wasn't just the way that the women seemed to be in so awe of him ... it was the fact that he seemed to be trying to create a war between peoples of different faiths. True, the Manson family didn't try to create a war along religious lines, but they did try to do it along racial lines, so there could be at least a bit of a correlation that way. And I'll admit that the dude that was the leader of the cult did kind of remind me of the look that Manson had in the '60s (the long hair and the Ren Faire shirt type of look). I'm not sure that the correlation between the two of them was intentional, but that's where my brain went to.

I'll also admit that I was kind of glad that we found out bad things about Bella, and that she was gotten out of the way. Sure, Drake is wrecked about what happened (even though he loves Rose, and he will always love her (I think), and he loves her more than he probably will love anyone else, he still loved Bella), but I don't think that Drake should have been with Bella in the first place. Dude should always have been with Rose ... and she should always have been with him, even if she didn't always realize it. I have a feeling that the writers are trying to move the two of them toward getting together (which would make me all kinds of happy inside that place where I should have feelings). It will probably take them a bit to finally get together, what with how wrecked Drake is right now, and how much he is feeling like he's cursed, but I do have the feeling that it's going to happen eventually.

But I do find it rather curious that all of the boys who are our main characters are having love problems in the moment. It's almost as though the writers got together and decided that they were going to mess with the boys where their love lives where concerned, cuz they don't have enough problems going on as it is. I want to know if there was some kind of over-riding reason as to why they would have all of the boys going through all of these love problems at the same time, but I'm not sure that there is some over-arching reason (other than it maybe seemed like a good idea to the writers at the time).

I still really want Susan to be able to get out of her contract with dude, so that she can be free and clear with her girls (and not have to have that hanging over her head). I also still want to know what's going on with that other inspector that was all up in Reid's grill at the beginning of the season. The writers made such a big deal of him at the beginning of the season, it seems like something should happen with him later on. There's still two more episodes this season for them to deal with this stuff, and I hope that it makes it in.

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