Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Clip Show' -- SPN 8x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, I suppose that I've now had another part of my headcanon of Show torpedoed. First, it was the idea that Metatron might actually have been Chuck (which is still an idea that I like far better than what he's supposed to be). But now it's the idea that the boys might have come from a line of angels (and that somewhere in their family tree there was a Nephilim). It possibly could be argued that they might be at least a little bit angel, and that's why they were the perfect vessels for Lucifer and Michael ... but I don't see Metatron saying that there was only one Nephilim in the world if the people who are the perfect vessels had even a bit of angel blood inside of them. And again, I like my idea much better than the one that has now become canon, but ... what can you do? Nothing, really.

Also, if Crowley is supposed to be the demon that they save, that may kill the theory that he might be a fallen angel ... which I am also a bit disappointed about. But then, my brain is needing some "bigger meaning" to his reference to Mesopotamia ... something bigger (and which makes more sense in canon) than "the writers just fucked up," since my brain wants things to MAKE SENSE, BITCHES!! I'm sure that this would be another point where would have been telling me that genre television isn't supposed to make sense, and maybe realizing that should mean that I need to sit the hell down instead of trying to rip out my hair.

But at the same time, it seemed kind of like it was getting to be inevitable that the boys were going to try to do something about Crowley ... even if it didn't turn out that he was the final trial. Crowley has kind of become a bit too large when it comes to power, and may start going into YED territory pretty soon. Without the bitch check before that happens, it could be that Crowley becomes an even bigger pain in the ass for someone else later on down the line.

And now we do know that the angel tablet is in Crowley's possession. I'm glad that this was addressed, cuz I'm sure that it would have bugged the hell out of me if we weren't given some kind of answer. Though, I'm not entirely sure that Metatron would have remembered what was on each of the tablets, regardless of what he says about them being things that you wouldn't forget. And from the way that it was worded, I'm taking it as him remembering what was on each of the tablets, and not just the angel one (cuz that's the one that affected him most directly as an angel). He seems far too ... absentminded? ... put your head in the sand? ... to necessarily remember what all the trials were.

Speaking of the trails, and the fact that the first one was to cut the heart out of another being, and that Metatron claimed that he couldn't do it himself since he's just a "pencil pusher" and Cas is the warrior ... bullshit. What he is, is just as bad as the archangels, getting someone else to do his dirty work. Someone needs to knock him on his ass, cuz I have the feeling that it's a good thing that he was in hiding for so long; if he hadn't been trying to stay out of everything, I have a feeling that things would have been much worse. He probably would have been the guy who was whispering in someone else's ear, trying to get them worked up and doing something stupid ... what I would think that Lucifer does in the traditional Christian sense of the being ... or even the way Loki was in Thor.

Was it just me, or was Dean acting like a whiney, little bitch in this episode? Sure, Cas hurt him, but Cas was doing what he thought was right ... and it seemed like Dean should have realized that without needing to be told. Hell, even when Sam is on the angel's side, that should be a clue that you need to let things go, broheim.

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