Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Ring of Fire' -- Grimm 2x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Sooooo ... what are we dealing with now? Elementals? Whatever the creature was that they were fighting in this episode, I have the feeling that it wasn't one of the Wesen, and was as different to them as they may be to humans. But if it was some kind of elemental-type of creature (a being that was made up of fire, and was kind of "fire made flesh," so to speak), it seems like it shouldn't have been that easy to dispatch it. After all of the things that it had done just within the confines of the episode, it seems like it should have been a little bit harder for the gang to kill it. I think that I would have bought it if they had wounded it, and if it realized that it may have been hurt pretty bad, which would have led it to make a hasty retreat. But the fact that all it really took was them to get its core body-temp down enough that the fire was turned into obsidion (which I really want to call "dragonglass" ... curse you GRRM!!) so that they could break it apart ... it feels far too easy to me, especially since a lot of the Wesen go out far more difficultly than that, and this thing looked like it was far more powerful than your average Wesen ... and not just cuz of the "being made out of fire" thing, but also the fact that it seemed to know where certain rocks were, regardless of where they had been moved to ... that seems to be a bit geokinetic to me).

I wonder if Adalind is going to get her powers back. It really does seem like the writers like her character and want to make it so that she is back at full power so that she can cause a lot more mischief later on in the series. I have a feeling that no matter what happens with Juliette (whether she is fully able to get her memories back, and is able to stop being all crazy-like), the fact that she is associated with Nick ... that is always going to cause her trouble where Adalind is concerned. Even if Juliette fully gets back to being who she was before the memory spell tore Nick out of her brain-stuffs, with her remembering who she was then (and who she was with Nick), she is always going to have to look over her shoulder to make sure that Adalind isn't there. I really have the feeling that even if Juliette decides that she doesn't want to be with Nick anymore, once she completely remembers everything, Adalind will still want to use her to hurt Nick, since Nick will probably still love her for a very long time (and will probably still want to take care of her, regardless if she doesn't want to be with him anymore).

Speaking of Juliette and her memory ... this storyline feels like it has run its course ... and then some. I would love it if this storyline were tied up, and soon. It was good in the beginning of the season, since it gave a bit of tension within the series, but now that it looks like it's going to last pretty much the entirety of season two ... dear, God. Can we move on already? Either give her back her memories and have her join the Scooby Gang, or fucking write her off the show already. Pick one. And that is coming from someone who likes Juliette, and would like to see her get her decoder ring, and become a full member of the Scooby Gang (with all of its rights and privileges).

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