Sunday, August 18, 2013

'The Fast and the Furriest' -- Castle 5x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I think that I might have liked this episode a little bit better if it hadn't revolved around Big Foot, and had been more about Anne Cardinal (the victim) and her life ... since that was far more interesting of a thing to me. But then, any time a show has an excuse to get a bit "ethnic" with what they're doing, as long as they do it correctly (and show some respect), that's what I'm wanting them to deal more about. I do have fun (a lot of times) with Bigfoot stuff, not that I believe that it's real ... but I still have fun watching things where other people believe in the stuff.

But I did have quite a bit of laugh when Ryan found out that some big name Bigfoot researcher was involved, and just the way that Beckett and Esposito said the same words as Castle and Ryan ... and the way that the entire meaning of the question changed by the way that they said it was freaking hilarious. I do love it when they have all kinds of interactions like that with each other.

Speaking of the guy that was supposed to be big named, the actor that plays him is also on "Once Upon a Time," and all I could think whenever he was on the screen was, "Doctor Hopper. Doctor Hopper. Doctor Hopper. Doctor Hopper." So, I really wasn't able to hear whatever it was that he was saying, since the name of his character on the other show was a bit too loud inside of my head.

And like too many of the other shows that I'm watching right now, this felt like it was a little too much like a filler episode, and so I wasn't really engaged with what was going on all that much ... but then, there seems to be a little too many of the filler-type episodes in this show this season (at least from what it looks like to me). It would be nice if there was a bit more going on right now that had me engaged, but it seems like the show has lost a bit of that since they figured out who was behind Beckett's mom's death. Well ... it seems kind of like it started when Captain Montgomery died, but this season it's kind of been amplified.

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