Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Pac-Man Fever' -- SPN 8x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm kind of torn about how I'm feeling about Charlie right now. On the one hand, I think it would be a completely fab idea to have her join up with the boys in their super-secret clubhouse, since she would be able to help them out a billion ways to Sunday when it comes to figuring things out and research and whatnot (plus, she would be able to get everything in the records digitized and organized and easily searchable in no time flat), and I'm sure that sort of thing would come in complete handy when they are coming up against a brick wall on some things. That being said, I think that if Charlie was around all of the time, I might end up getting annoyed with her enough that I would want to shake a bitch. There are some characters that are awesome in small doses, but if they were to be imbibed on a regular basis, they would be far more annoying than what they would be worth ... and I have a feeling that she would be one of those characters.

Also, with her favorite book being The Hobbit (or at least, that being the book that her mom used to read to her all of the time) ... I have a feeling that the only reason that this particular book was picked (and the only reason why the beginning of it was read at the end of the episode) was cuz of the fact that it's kind of in the public consciousness right now. If this episode had come out around 2001, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the writers would have name dropped LotR. Kind of annoying, but understandable I suppose (in that the writers were probably trying to add to her nerd street cred).

Another mention of Chuck in this episode. Ok, yeah, the name that was used was his pen name, but I'm counting it. I kind of want to think that there is something with the mention for the second time this season ... like it might mean something in the larger scheme of things ... but I also have the feeling that it's not going to pan out to meaning anything at all (kind of like how they mentioned John being in Sacramento in the first season a couple of times, but there really wasn't anything to that ... even though, there could have been something going on there, and the fan reaction of "WTF is going on in Sac to make John either stick around, or go back there for a second time?" was kind of understandable). The idea that Chuck is Metatron is becoming even more firmly placed inside of my headcanon, and I would love it if the writers are trying to prepare us for that revelation by dropping him in every now and again.

Good to know that what I suspected about the Bunker and its protections turned out to be true ... or at least, that there is some kind of protection on/in/around the place so that it's hard to locate. At least now my brain will be able to rest on that front and not want to keep demanding that there be some kind of logic concerning why everything was still intact. Sure, there are still problems with the fact that someone would probably have come across the place at some point (maybe a city worker of some kind), and they may have forced their way inside (and we still don't know what the place has when it comes to keeping unwanted peoples out), but at least now there's something when it comes to an explanation about why it's still around undetected.

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