Sunday, August 18, 2013

DW Rambles.

So, we have a new doctor, and 12 isn't going to be female. Poopy. Cuz it would have been amazing if 12 was female, and 13 was Hiddles. Yeah, I know that Hiddles isn't likely to start doing TV work again, but a boy can dream, right? Especially since no one can tell me that Hiddles wouldn't make an amazing doctor. Amazing on the level of David Tennant (who will always be my doctor ... no matter that I have become fond of Matt Smith and 11).

But maybe since River gave up her regeneration energy to the doctor to save his life in "Let's Kill Hitler" ... maybe he'll have at least 10 more regenerations. But then also, it would appear that 11 said in an episode of "The Sarah Jane Chronicles" that the actual limit of regenerations is 507. So, maybe I could still get at least one female doctor out of this (and even Hiddles, if we all begged him hard enough, and the Beeb threw enough trucks full of money at him), since it's now canon that 12 regenerations isn't the limit as far as what's possible (and that it may only be the limit as far as the law with Time Lord society, or even the limit when it comes to what is socially acceptable). But who wants to bet that as soon as we get close to 13 looking like he is about to die, we get something from the writers about how it's possible for him to keep going at least for a little bit longer (especially since the show is so popular right now)? We can already kind of count out the "there can only be 12 regenerations" rule, seeing as how there is a version of the doctor out there that isn't counted as one of the doctor's regenerations (since he did something that wasn't done in "the name of the doctor") ... even though it's still completely him, and the writers are still leaving us with the impression that he's going to have at least one more regeneration. So, that old school rule is probably going to be completely chucked out at some point (after the writers are able to create the proper amount of suspense).

I'll admit that I haven't really seen Peter Capaldi in much of anything, but now that he is going to be 12, and he was also one of the W.H.O. doctors in World War Z, it makes me want to giggle up a storm.

I am wondering if the writers are going to deal with the fact that he's already had parts in DW and TW before. Maybe the doctor decided that he wanted to look like one of the people that he and Donna saved on Volcano Day? Cuz if they don't at least acknowledge the fact that he's made appearances in the DW/TW universe before, and now he's the DW universe, I have a feeling that it's going to drive me a little bit bonkers. Stupid INTJ brain that wants everything to make sense.

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