Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Goodnight, Sweet Grimm' -- Grimm 2x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I think that the fact that the opening of the episode had a line from Hamlet threw me off a bit, and really, I should have been paying a bit more attention to the name of the episode instead. I kept thinking that it was going to be either Eric or Renard that something was going to happen to ... even though I couldn't see the writers doing anything to either of them just yet (since that seemed kind of stupid, when that would get rid of an entire subplot so early in the run of the show (two seasons isn't really that long of a run so far)). If I had remembered the name of the episode, I'm sure that I wouldn't have been paying as much attention to the brothers as I ended up doing.

When Juliette asked the tow truck driver what kind of Wesen he was, God, I wanted to smack her across the head for being stupid. She's struck me as being smarter than that, and it would seem like it would be smart to pay attention a little bit more before asking questions of the person that she doesn't know anything about (especially when asking said question could give away information that he probably shouldn't know anything about). If she really wanted to know something like that, it would seem much more clever to wait until one of the Scoobs were away from dude, and asking them about what was going on. But maybe we can excuse that as her still being new to the whole thing, and she was kind of high on being able to finally be in the know that it drove out everything else.

Is it wrong that I kind of want to see Nick thrown in the middle of the royal families, and for them to do some horrible things to him so that he can fight his way out? Yes, I like Nick (even though he's kind of thick sometimes), but I kind of want horrible things to happen to him right now ... but then, sometimes I want horrible things to happen to characters that I like just so that I can see them try to get out of those situations. I have no delusion that there might be a chance that he's going to be able to pwn all of the royals, since that's stupid (he's only one guy, and doesn't have enough training as a badass to be able to do any significant damage to such a juggernaut of a secret organization; plus, like I said before, it's still early in the run of the show, and there's still all manner of good times that could come from the royals at this point). Now, if Nick were his mom, I might think that a bit more damage might be done ... but not when it's Nick that we're talking about.

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