Sunday, August 18, 2013

'The Name of the Doctor' -- DW 7x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am still having an issue with the idea of the doctor crossing his own timeline ... again. I didn't like it during the big bang 2, even though I was willing to handwave a little bit and try to convince myself that the whole universe was fucked anyway, and with it being so small, there was no way that he wouldn't be able to cross his own timeline at least once. But this time ... with the doctor and Clara going to his grave cuz some dude who was about to get hanged said something about it ... bollox. At what point do you go, "Ok, we've gotten this information from someone who may not be all there. Crossing your own timeline is also no bueno. How about we just don't tempt fate on this one and leave it alone? Cuz sometimes, going after something that you shouldn't will be what causes bad things to happen, not prevent them."

I will fully admit to only really liking River during the library episodes, and once we found out that the River that we were seeing in this episode was the copy from the library, it did make me wonder a couple of things. 1) How would she have been able to get into the conference call? It was essentially a dream that the other four were having, with a bit of "let's play with time" added in, so how would someone who is essentially a digital echo of someone get into the mind of people who are biological? The electrical currants of the brain might be able to interpret what was going on, but I'm still having a bit of a problem with having this jive inside my head without the others having been "jacked" into the system that she is now a program of (a la The Matrix or something). If anyone has any ideas on this that will make my brain not want to reject this out of hand, I would love to hear what you have to day. And 2) I keep going back to River's saying to 10 in the library that that was the youngest that she had ever seen him. The thing of that was that it implied (at least to my mind) that she had known more than one version of the doctor, which isn't outside the realm of possibility (since Rose knew 9 and 10, and Sarah Jane new 4 and 10). And even if River is somehow able to stay ... I don't know ... hacked? ... into his brain and come to know 12 and/or 13 (or even the doctor that isn't the doctor), that doesn't mean that real!River would know them. I guess that I just figured that she would have known more than 11 ... but then, this may mean that we will see less and less of River, which doesn't make me sad, since she annoyed me overall.

I want to call bullshit on Clara. I'm actually kind of ok with their explanation as to why she kept appearing everywhere (even though, I'm not buying the whole, "I couldn't ever seem to get his attention ... even though I've interacted with him before he was 11 (and am the one who apparently told him which TARDIS to steal). And so, he never remembers me until it is totes convenient for him to so that I can become a dues ex machina"), but the fact that she didn't die once she entered the "scar tissue" ... despite the fact that River just said that she would be disintegrated ... I'm calling bullshit on that. It would seems rather stupid to get rid of a companion that soon, but if you're going to have her told that if she does something, she is most certainly going to die ... and then, she doesn't cuz she's magic ... I call shenanigans and demand that they do a redo until someone comes up with something that doesn't contradict itself (cuz I'm not going to accept that she's too magic to die in the thing that she was told two seconds before would kill her).

And having a new "doctor" that isn't the doctor (cuz he did something that he didn't do "in the name of the doctor") ... isn't that essentially creating a 14? And would this alternate not!doctor be able to regenerate into other bizzaro!doctors (which could feasibly become a new adversary, a la The Master)? We already have Tinkerbell!10/10.2 ... and now we're getting someone else who appears to be outside of the normal 13. What is it with the doctor and having off-shoots of himself? I mean, really?

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