Sunday, August 18, 2013

'I Want You to Want Me' -- Suits 3x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know, the more that we have interactions with Luis, the more I feel sorry for him. The man has absolutely no idea of how to interact with other people, and it's making it so that he can't really have friends. And in those instances when he tries to be friends with someone, it always ends up blowing up in his face ... granted, he does it to himself a lot of the time (like with dude from England that is now in charge of the Associates) ... but some of the time, it's through no fault of his own. I kind of hoped that things would work out between him and Mike, and the two of them would start working together, since I think that Luis really does like Mike, and the two of them might have been able to work really well together (especially after they won that case together), but the show probably wouldn't have worked if Mike and Harvey hadn't made up with each other (since it really all comes down to the two of them at the center of everything, and it's their relationship that is really what is interesting). But that doesn't mean that I didn't feel really bad for Luis when he saw Harvey and Mike making up, and he had that cake in his hands (even before I saw what was written on it). He had just been so excited about the possibility of working with Mike (and even went out of his way to go watch Jerry Mcguire) that it made his disappointment (and hurt feelings) even that much sadder.

It makes me want there to be someone there for Luis now. He had Rachel for a while ... and then, Mike ... but that's not the same (even if they both seem to realize that he really isn't the douche that everyone thinks that he is). It would be really nice if there was someone who was there for him all the time, who wasn't afraid of him the way that most of the associates are, who could see how desperately he needs to have a friend, and who isn't going to be intimidated by Harvey (or by extension Donna).

And even if Mike and Harvey have "made up," I don't think that this isn't going to come back to bite Mike in the ass again later on ... despite the fact that it was thrown into Harvey's face that sometimes people do things cuz they think that they don't have a choice, and that they don't do it cuz they don't like someone. Also, I think that there may be some problems between Rachel and Donna now that Donna has admitted that she had said that Mike should break things off with Rachel (beside the fact that she refused to step in for Mike, cuz she didn't think that Harvey should forgive him ... or really, that "they" shouldn't forgive him).

Also, I don't see Harvey forgiving Jessica ... probably ever, and he's I see him either taking her down, or figuring out a way to get out of his contract so that he can go into business for himself. I really see Harvey and Jessica's relationship coming down to her liking being in charge, and liking the idea of having him chained up in the backyard ... only to let him out to go tearing after the neighbor kids if their ball gets in her yard. I really don't see her thinking of him as anything more than a Pit Bull/Doberman/German Shepard ... some kind of dog that one might use in a military/home defense scenario. If things hadn't changed after Mike got there, I don't think that they ever would have (and I get the feeling that Mike may have been the catalyst ... it probably would have happened eventually, but I get the feeling that it was him that ultimately was the cause). But I don't see how she would have thought that things would have stayed that way forever.

You know what I would kind of love to see? After the battle between Harvey and Jessica that is bound to happen ... to see them all standing around in a pile of rubble that was once their office building. Not just figuratively ... literally. I want the entire building to be turned to rubble after their fight, and for Harvey, Donna, Rachel, and Mike to go on to start their own firm ... and for them to take Luis along with them. I know that it isn't going to happen that way, but it would still be all kinds of fantastic.

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