Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'The Other Time' -- Suits 3x06

Warning: Spoiler Warning

It's kind of amazing just how much of a number that Steven is playing when it comes to Donna and Harvey's relationship, and I'm not talking about the whole thing where she is in love with him, and he doesn't love her back. It's the whole thing where she used to just be able to tell things about him, and she's been thrown off lately; and it's also the fact that they always seemed to be on the same page, cuz they still cared about each other as friends ... and cuz she was his "girl Friday". I realize that I wanted her to be able to have some lovin' (and I still do), and that I thought that Steven had a very lovely accent, but I want him to take a hike now. As much as it appeared that he was really interested in her in the beginning, it seems much more like he was sent to mess with Harvey, and the best way to do that is through Donna. Before this point, I would have thought that no one would have been able to get to him through her, cuz she's mfing Donna, but Steven's done a number on her head, and he just needs to go now ... right after Donna beats the crap out of him.

I really did not like the way that Harvey treated her in the flashback, when he was "explaining" the hierarchy ... even when it became clear that he was super conflicted about the situation that he was being put in, and the same thing had been happening to him. It made me feel a little bit better about the whole thing that he kind of twisted Jessica's arm to bring Donna along when he joined her firm, even though associates weren't supposed to have secretaries, and he agreed that she be paid out of his salary (so that he would be taking a cut to make sure that he was able to keep her with him).

But at least Harvey was finally able to admit to her that it bothered him that she was having a relationship with Steven. It really is unfair of him to think that he should be able to have all kinds of flings, but that she shouldn't be able to see anyone (even as a fling) herself, cuz he knows that she loves him, and cuz she's always been loyal to him when it comes to their working relationship. It is too much like he's wanting to have it both ways, and that really isn't fair to her. She should be able to find someone who loves her the way that she loves Harvey, and to be able to love that person back ... and barring that, she should at least be able to get some. A girl's gotta eat ... wait, that's not right ... I don't think. lol

Also, I think that I could have done without the flashback information about Mike, even though it meant we got to see Grammy again. I think that we have been given enough information about Mike's past to be able to know what's going on with him, and for it to not be all that interesting anymore ... at least, it's not all that interesting to me. I'm much more interested in Harvey and Donna's past than I am about Mike's (and not just cuz I want to know what the hell is going on with their little private pre-trial ritual).

Speaking about being more interested in Harvey and Donna's past, I was really excited to be able to see something of Harvey's dad, since we know practically nothing about his family (other than he had a brother who he's really protective of). It was good to see that he had a good relationship with his father, and it mattered to him what his father thought of him (since it doesn't seem to matter to him what pretty much anyone thinks).

And now I'm wondering what's going to be happening with Jessica and Harvey now that he's told her that he had put a plan in motion to get her thrown out of the firm. She's not going to take that lightly, but I'm not entirely sure that she would try to get rid of Harvey (especially now that she has just put his name on the door ... which I'm still iffy about, cuz it still doesn't feel like he's earned it, and she was just trying to buy him off). It seems much more like the writers are thinking about getting rid of her ... and possibly of Rachel as well, since they're moving forward with the whole "let's send Rachel to Stanford for three years" thing. If I was about looking for spoilers at all, I think that I would try to find out what I could about the future of those characters, but spoilers are not my friends.

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