Sunday, August 18, 2013

'The Great Escapist' -- SPN 8x21

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Good on Kevin for figuring out that the dudes that were hanging around were actually demons and not the boys. I like him more and more every time that he's around. Too bad that the boys thought that he was dead for a while, since I'm sure that caused them some turmoil ... and possibly them. But if they hadn't, I have a feeling that he might not have been rescued by Metatron, since they probably would have gone out looking for him, and there wouldn't have been the real possibility of him being saved ... even though it does seem a tad bit convenient that Metatron was able to get to him and get him to safety. I'm kind of conflicted as to whether or not I like that it happened. Sure, I'm glad that Kevin is not dead now, but to have Metatron come in just in time to save him seemed a little too deus ex machina, and the only one who I was ok with doing that was Bobby.

I was super glad that Metatron did manage to make it into Show ... even if I'm disappointed that they changed his backstory so that he was originally an angel (and part of the "secretarial pool"), when he's supposed to be Enoch ... and Enoch was originally a human who became an angel so that he could be the "voice of God" ... at least according to folklore (Book of Enoch ... read it ... it's kind of awesome).

I'm really hoping that Kevin ends up staying around with Metatron. He won't need to translate anything anymore (so that will cut off all of the bad things that have happened to him from translating the tablets), and he will be around the angel that he should have been around the entire time. Maybe there will finally be some kind of balance in the Force when they are together ... at least as far as Prophets and the Word of God (and the tablets) are concerned.

And when Metatron nabbed Kevin from Crowley, it kind of bothers me that we don't know whether or not he also grabbed the angel tablet. Sure, he knows what's on the tablet itself (since he's the one that made sure that it was made), but it doesn't seem like the kind of thing you should just leave hanging around ... especially when the King of Hell is right. there. The thing has already proven that it has some kind of magical properties inside of it, and I have a bad feeling that if Crowley figures out how to use it, something bad is going to happen. SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE IT IS, SO I CAN STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS!!!!

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