Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Kiss of the Muse' -- Grimm 2x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, that's why Hank was wheeled off in the beginning of the episode a couple of episodes ago, and then, didn't show up in the last one ... he broke his leg or sprained something pretty badly. Now it makes sense that he would be sent off for no apparent reason so near the end of the season. I was wondering what was going on there, but now ... simple answer.

Finally, Juliette is able to remember that Nick is a Grimm, and that there are Wesen in the world. This whole thing with her remembering has taken entirely too long, and that is no lie. Maybe we can finally get to something else ... and maybe even get her in as part of the gang now. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAKE HER A PART OF THE GANG!!

She did seem to take the whole thing of remembering a bit better than one might have hoped, since there could have been a real chance that she would have freaked out with what she remembered (only half-way knowing the truth of the situation) and may have decided that she didn't want to be involved with anything that was going on after all. But maybe the fact that something so strange had happened to her cuz of her memory loss that she was able to believe a little more readily than she might have otherwise ... though, I have a feeling that she might have come to terms with everything after a bit (especially with Monroe and Rosalee's help).

But the whole thing with Nick falling under an obsessive spell, and the only cure being his love of Juliette ... after the whole thing with the obsessive "love" that was going on between Renard and Juliette, that seemed a tad bit stale. I suppose that there could (ultimately) be something going on with the two of them realizing just what they mean to each other, and having their relationship be stronger cuz of what they have gone through, but ... I kept thinking through pretty much the entire episode, "Didn't we already do all of this?" And I'll admit that I was getting kind of bored with the whole "obsessive love that is really manufactured by someone" thing.

The only part of the episode that I really and truly loved (to the point that I had a bit of a giggle fit) was when Renard stepped on Nick's gun after dude tried to pick it up off of the floor, and just went "Really?" It was such the dead-pan delivery of it all, along with a weariness that someone would try something so completely tired, instead of doing something original.

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