Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Endangered' -- Grimm 2x19

Warning: Spoiler Alert

It seemed a bit convenient that Monroe was able to just happen to recognize the tiny part of the map that was on Nick's key. That was a tiny bit too convenient that he not only had the maps from some random uncle, but that he studied them enough to know where the secret spot was that the keys probably pointed toward ... especially since the royals had some of the keys, and as far as we know, they haven't jumped all over that place. Maybe they are wanting the keys so badly, not cuz they are so desperate to figure out where they should be going, but that they want to open whatever it is that they've found, but that's not the implications that we've been given. From everything that Renard has been saying about the keys so far (and we haven't been given any indication that he's been keeping anything from Nick), the royals haven't found anything yet ... and since they would have more money and more resources, it doesn't seem like Monroe would figure that out before they would. It's possible that Renard doesn't have as much information as he might need to know where Erik may be in figuring things out (since he's kind of on the outs with his family), but like I said, we haven't been given any clues that that's what we should be seeing in this.

And the fact that we now know where the map may be pointing us toward, I wonder if at some point, Nick is going to be making a trip to the Black Forest. Even if he were somehow able to find whatever it is that was hidden, that doesn't mean that he would be able to open it (since he only has one of the keys, and I have the feeling that there might be something that would make sure that you wouldn't be able to open whatever locks there were without all of the keys present ... maybe some kind of witchy locks put on there by a hexenbiest that was allied with them. Might not be the most likely thing possible, but it could happen. After all, Nick's friendship with Monroe, Rosalee and Bud should prove that it's possible for Grimms and Wesen to be friends).

Ok, this is where my brain went with the Gl├╝henvolk ... if they were hunted to near extinction, and there is a small group of them in Alaska ... what is the chances that there would be in-breeding amongst them, and wouldn't there be some issues cuz of that? And I started thinking about how much safer it would probably be for them to each have multiple children with multiple partners so that they could encourage genetic diversity. And Alaska may be pretty secluded in a large part, but if an outsider came into their community at some point, wouldn't their bioluminescence become just that much easier to see reflected off of the snow? This is probably just another instance of me overthinking things, but that's what my brain does.

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