Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Shadow of a Doubt' -- Suits 3x5

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm glad that it turned out that Donna was worrying over nothing when it came to her super happy play time with Steven, and how Harvey would take it. It's too bad that she thought that there would be an issue between her and Harvey cuz of what was going on with and Steven ... not that I am surprised seeing as how he was so pissy with her when she tried to tell him before. But I did not think that it was at all cool that Steven tried to use her against Harvey, and she had every reason to be pissed at him for doing that. It made me want to pinch him, even if his accent makes me all kinds of happy on the inside. Doing that is such a huge no-no.

The whole thing with Rachel applying to Stanford ... didn't we already go through this last season? Back when Luis was dating that blond from the admissions office there ... when she didn't make it through the interview process? What's going to have changed between then and now (especially when the time on the show isn't real time, and even though that happened last season, it's really only been a few weeks or so) that would have made them put her back through the admissions process when it's the same school year? I'm just confused as to why she would have been trying to get back again so soon, instead of trying to wait until next year. Maybe I'm just missing something? Or it could be that the writers aren't thinking about continuity (which the writers of this show have been pretty good about).

I'm glad that Mike was able to meet Rachel's parents, but I kind of think that he got off a little bit easy with them (seeing as how her dad is such a bulldog). Yeah, her mom was probably making sure that he played nice with the new boyfriend, but I'm kind of surprised that her dad didn't ask Mike anything about Stanford ... which would probably have made him suspicious, when Mike wouldn't be able to answer anything correctly. But maybe the fact that Rachel was acting so cagey with her mom (when Mike and her dad were out back) will make her mom suspicious about Mike ... which will lead her dad to look into him. Anyone finding out that he isn't actually licensed to practice law (who isn't part of their circle of trust) would probably lead to bad things for Mike (and the show), so maybe the writers aren't going to go down that road (in they are afraid that they might paint themselves into a corner).

And in the midst of Harvey trying to get rid of Jessica, she decides that she's going to put his name n the wall ... something fishy is going on there. I get the feeling that maybe she got word that Harvey was up to something ... she may not have found out that he's trying to get rid of her exactly, but she may figure that he's unhappy and is up to something (cuz she knows him well enough). And even though it's nice to have his name on the wall, I don't want it to happen yet, cuz he hasn't earned it yet ... and as it is now, it's a bribe (no matter how it's wrapped) to keep him in his place. That may not mean as her pet bulldog, but it could still mean keeping him inside the firm (where she can at least try to continue to control him).

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