Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Still' -- Castle 5x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A clip episode? Really? This close to the end of the season? Really? Aren't clip shows for when you are near the ending of the run of a series, and you want to give a look back at "all the good times" that the characters' had? This close to the end of the season, when we know who the guy was who was behind the death of Beckett's mom, should there really be an episode that's nothing but filler? Shouldn't we go back to the underlying thing that has been driving Beckett this whole time? Figuring out who was involved with that whole thing was so important in previous seasons that it feels weird that it's kind of been dropped. They handed us the final bit of information, and they haven't really been back to deal with it. Sure, the guy is Connected ... but shouldn't that mean that the gang is trying to figure out even more how they are going to make sure that they bring him to justice for what he did? Cuz right now, it really feels like he's been getting away with it, and since Castle and Beckett have been able to get laid, Teh Sex has been overpowering everything else (and all of the motivations that they may have had in earlier seasons).

And you know what? For a second there, even though I was sure that they weren't going to kill Beckett off (since there really wouldn't be a show without her and the relationship that she has with Castle), I kind of hoped that they really would kill her off ... and I almost had a glimmer of hope that they might (when she was looking up at the camera that was located above her). But the fact that they were able to figure out the code to turn off the bomb within the last two minutes ... convenient. ::eyebrow raise:: There really wasn't any suspense to it, pretty much at all. Even when they found out about the timer, there really wasn't any suspense to the situation. Now ... if they had had one of the secondary characters step on a pressure plate, there might have been some suspense about what might happen. Like, if Ryan stepped on one ... I might actually get a tiny bit worried about whether or not he would be written off the show; but Beckett ... there really wasn't much of any doubt that everything was going to be fine.

I'm tempted to look for spoilers for the next episode, just so that I can see if the next episode will actually have a plot that will take up a full 42 minutes (instead of about 20, so that the other 24 has to be filled up with things that happened in previous seasons), but I have had bad experiences with spoilers in the past (like finding out that Wash died before seeing Serenity. Not only was that awful in the since that he's my favorite character from that show, but then, there was no ZOMG! moment when he died, since I already knew what was going to happen). So, I guess that I'll just have to hope that the next episode won't make me want to shake a bitch (kind of the way that this one did).

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