Sunday, August 18, 2013

'The Waking Dead' -- Grimm 2x21

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The addition of a Wesen that had some basis in the Hoodoo/Voodoo religion could have been kind of interesting, provided that it was done correctly. However, the way that things were done in this episode, it really didn't seem like there might have been a whole lot of thought put into that character (or that particular Wesen race) since the addition of that particular character was only to keep things going in the background (and to get things set up for the season finale). I'm not necessarily complaining about that, since I was glad that there was a bit of forward motion when it came to Juliette finding out about everything that was really going on with Nick and the Scoobs.

The one real problem that I have with Juliette finding out was the way that she found out. I have no problem that she found out, since I have been wanting her to know what has really been going on for a while, but I think it's kind of iffy to have someone other than Nick tell her what was going on ... or at least, to not have Nick involved with the telling. Juliette, Monroe, and Bud telling her what they were was good, since I'm not overly fond of people telling other people's secrets to anyone else, but them telling her what Nick is ... I still don't feel right about that ... kind of the way that I still don't feel right about the way that Juliette was trying to force Monroe into taking her to Aunt Marie's trailer (since it wasn't for Monroe to show her, what with it being Nick's secret, and not Monroe's ... just like I still have an issue with Rosalee seeming to think that it was ok to try to twist Monroe's arm into taking Juliette there).

But at least, now she knows, and she seems to be alright with everything (which I had a feeling that she would be). I thought it was almost endearing how she said that she needed to get the flowers into water before they woged ... even though that's not how you would use the word. I thought it was more irritating that she was using the word incorrectly than I found it endearing, but at least she was trying, right? So, now we can maybe (finally) get over this whole amnesia thing, and have her a full member of the gang (with all the rights and privileges there in, and get her all of the necessary equipment that she might need (ie, her key card to the secret clubhouse, her decoder ring, a lightsaber in the color of her choosing, all of the flash-bangs she could possibly use, and a coupon for Ninjutsu training at the dojo of her choice).

I wonder what Eric is up to, especially when considering the things that Renard's homie found in Eric's desk ... even if I think that it might be unlikely that Eric would leave things like that lying around so easy to find if he didn't want someone to find them and make assumptions about what they meant. At the very least, it seems likely that he's going to try to cause some trouble for Renard, but that seems kind of obvious (especially since there is absolutely no love lost between the two of them). But what the purpose of causing trouble might be, or for what reasons he might want to cause that trouble ... I'm not sure yet. I have a feeling that any guess that I might try to put forth at this moment might prove to be wrong, since I have a feeling that there might be a whole lot more going on than what we are aware of at this point, whether we're talking about their relationship or the general politics of the royals.

Also, I don't remember hearing that Eric and Renard were princes ... even though I wasn't really surprised to find out that they are. When Eric was told that the king was on the phone for him, and it was clarified that it was actually his father, I had a reaction of "well, duh. Of course it's his dad on the phone, and of course his dad is the king." But I really can't remember there being any clarification up to this point as to what their actual position within the hierarchy was. Yeah, Adalind called Eric, "highness" ... but you can still be a prince without being the next in line for the throne (Prince Andrew's daughters are princesses, but Charles, William, Harry, and Andrew would all have to die before either of them would really be in line for the throne ... and probably a few more at that, since I'm not that familiar with their family tree). But now we have come clarification as to how high in the royal family either of them really are ... well, maybe not Renard, since he's been ostracized.

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