Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Nightmare in Silver' -- DW 7x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Yet another episode that I wasn't altogether thrilled with. The thing is that it was something that really could have been fantastic ... and something that I think that under normal circumstances, I might have been pretty happy with. But I think that the way that I've been pretty underwhelmed with this series has colored the way that I've looked at episodes that I might have otherwise liked. Hell, the fact that Warwick Davis was in the episode, and that he turned out to be the emperor probably would have given me all kinds of fangirl glee otherwise ... but there was no glee, I'm sad to say.

But speaking of Warwick being the emperor ... good on the girl (whose name I am completely blanking on) that Clara is the nanny for, and her ability to pay attention to things that are around her. Being the only one to figure out that he was the emperor, even while everyone else was thinking that he was just another doode that was hiding out in the amusement park ... she gets a shiny star sticker for that.

And I'm not sure that the writers really did well enough with the whole, "wanting to get away from being emperor" thing. Sure, he felt bad about everything that has happened to humanity since the war, but it didn't seem like things were really bad enough for him to not want to be who he was (and to want to run away from his life). But part of it might have been the way that it was acted, with there not being enough sorrow there? Or a combination of the two, maybe? But whichever it was, I wasn't quite believing that there was really enough horribleness for him to want to run away from it and be someone else (and I get the feeling that I was supposed to).

Also, from the preview for this episode, I was under the impression that we were going to see Jenny again in this episode. But it turned out that the person that I thought was Jenny was someone else entirely. So, I suppose that we will have to wait for Jenny in some other episode (since, from what I understand, she is supposed to be in one this series).

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