Sunday, August 18, 2013

'The Squab and the Quail' -- Castle 5x21

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I had forgotten just how lovely that I thought Ioan Gruffudd could be (when he's all swanked out), cuz he really and properly is ... him and his cheekbones. Between him and my imaginary husband (Hiddles), I have a feeling that I should need all kinds of imaginary bandages from those things. Truly.

It was nice to see Castle make at least a little bit of an effort when it came to trying to make sure that Beckett understood that she was important to him ... even if he completely missed the point of what she was talking about when she asked them where they were going (she didn't mean where were you guys going physically right then, stupid. Sometimes he really is clueless). And even if the two of them have been in love with each other for a few years now, yeah, I suppose that they really haven't "defined" their relationship ... it's more them having fun right now (what with the happy sexy time, and him getting to take her places that she hasn't been before that he can try to spoil her every once in a while). I wonder how long it would have taken before Beckett wanted to put that kind of definition on their relationship, if Eric hadn't come along and stirred things up a bit. Probably not very much longer, even as much fun as both of them were having just with the "let's play for a while" mentality that they had going on there.

I was kind of amused with Castle getting so jealous of Eric, but I can't say that I blame Beckett for getting annoyed with him. Being amused by it had more to do with being on the outside looking in on an imaginary relationship; if it had been a real relationship (one that I was a part of, even as unlikely as that is), I think that I'd want to make a point as well about the fact that his jealousy was maybe more of a reflection on whether or not he trusted her (as opposed to someone else). Even if Castle felt like he needed to make clear to Eric that they were in a serious relationship, going past the point of letting dude know he needs to show a bit of respect to the monogamous relationship that they had is overstepping into "make the person I'm with feel like this is about her, instead of the other dude" territory. If he didn't trust Eric, that's fine, but he should know that he can trust Beckett at this point (that she loves him, that she is loyal to him, and that if Eric tried to do anything, she would shoot him down ... just like she did).

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