Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Become Man' -- Ripper Street 2x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I was expecting there to be a bit more of Inspector Shine in this episode (or for there to be really any of him at all), what with the way that the writers were building him up as being the new big bad in the show ... or at least to be the main antagonist for Reid. But to not have him around (especially when the seasons are so short), it seems like they might loose some of the momentum that they might have been wanting to create where he is concerned. I would also really like for there to be some kind of closer over what happened to Merrick (since I liked him so much), and that may be coloring how I am looking at what's going on.

I really wish that Rose and Drake could have ended up together. It's obvious that the two of them care about each other, even if things didn't end up the way I would have liked. And I get the feeling that she may have regretted turning him down last series (when he offered her the lovebirds), but I'm getting that impression from the way that she was looking the newly minted Mrs. Drake when Drake and the Mrs. were together after they were trying to ID the dude's stuffs. I do think that Drake cares about his Mrs., but I get the impression that he still prefers Rose to anyone else.

The new youngin' detective that they have now ... I really don't want to like him. If he had been around in series one, I think that I might have liked him, but the way that things were written, it feels like he's supposed to be kind of a replacement for Hobbs, and I am not ok with that. I liked Hobbs ... a lot ... and I'm still mad that he was killed off (and they way that he was killed off). Yeah, I suppose that they wanted to have something that was kind of a shocker for the end of the series, but hot damn, why did they have to kill the baby? He was just learning how to be a proper inspector. ::epic frowny face::

This new guy is going to have to do a lot of big time awesome for me to even be ok with him (despite the fact that he seems like he's pretty decent, and stood up for Merrick and all). He'll probably need to take a bullet for someone for me to start to be ok with him; a bit extreme, maybe, but such is my love for Hobbs.

I'd love to see some more of Jane Cobden, especially since the female characters are so scant (at least where it comes to being something other than the Madonna/whore thing), and to be able to have a strong female character who isn't secretly being manipulated by the men in her life ... or who isn't being motivated by revenge ... would be kind of refreshing (especially since they've written off Emily Reid).

Even with the introduction of a female character that I think that I can get behind (at least after first viewing), this episode felt kind of like a throw away (in that it didn't really seem to move the story-arch of this series, and it felt like a move away from the tension that the first couple of episodes were trying to build up). But maybe some of that tension will come back in the next episode, and we can get some more of Shine.

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