Saturday, March 1, 2014

'Brother's War' -- Vikings 2x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Am I the only one who really wanted Ragnar to beat the hell out of Rollo? It's not just that he hurt Floki (who I love), it's the fact that I never liked his character to begin with ... and it annoys me even more that he ended up being a complete traitor (which I'm not cool with in the least bit). I'm glad that he didn't end up fighting Ragnar cuz of his brotherly feels, but I still want horrible things to happen to him. And speaking of Rollo getting away with being a traitor, I wonder what's going to happen to the lawgiver once Ragnar realizes that he was bought off. I think that he's going to have to do something about it, since there's no way that they would be able to trust him to hand out judgments after that. And the question becomes who bought him off. I think that it might be too easy of a guess to say that it was Ragnar (or even Bjorn) cuz of the coin that Ragnar was showing Bjorn. I have a feeling that we're being thrown a red herring with that, and it will turn out to be someone else (maybe Siggy? She seems to have started to genuinely care about him).

And what's with the writers turning Floki into Legolas? Seriously, every time that he started to say something about, "We need to watch out for Rollo, cuz he's a giant douche, and he's bound to try something," Ragnar pretty much said "Shut up, Legolas." "No, really, he's going to betray us." "Shut up, Legolas." "A red sun rises. Blood has been shed this night." "Shut up, Legolas. You big drama queen."

I was about to get pissed when I saw Rollo and Floki start to fight each other, cuz we know that they aren't even in the same class when it comes to fighting. Rollo is totes the berserker who will come straight for you and fuck your shit up; Floki is the one who comes at you from behind and cuts your Achilles' tendon (after he's tasted (and spit out) the communion wine). I didn't think that the writers were going to kill off Floki in the first episode of the second season (seeing as he seems exactly the kind to be a fan favorite ... but since I don't venture into fandom, since it's a dark and scary place full of monsters, I'm guessing based on how much I love him), but that didn't mean that I wasn't completely worried about him. I DON'T WANT BAD THINGS HAPPENING TO FLOKI!! HE'S FAR TOO AWESOME!! But when Ragnar got ahold of him, and Rollo turned his attention to Eye Patch, I don't see why someone didn't go, "Oh, hey, look ... the berserker is otherwise occupied. Let's stab him in the kidneys while he isn't looking." Yeah, I know that he's going to survive until at least the big battle that they showed in the pilot, but that doesn't stop me from wanting horrible things to happen to him.

Poor little Bjorn. I felt so bad for him. He felt like he was stuck in the middle of a really crappy situation, and he thought that he was doing the right thing by staying with Ragnar, but I'm really glad that he ended up deciding that he would do what he actually wanted to do (in going with Lagertha). I didn't like that he wasn't going with his mama, especially since that's actually what he wanted to do.

But I don't feel at all bad for Ragnar when Lagertha and Bjorn left him. I kind of wanted Lagertha to put up a little more of a fight when Ragnar decided to ask her if it was cool that they have a plural marriage, even though he should have known that she would not have been at all cool with that. Sure, they invited Athelstan to have happy fun time with them toward the beginning of season one, but inviting someone to have happy fun time with you doesn't equate to wanting a plural marriage. Yes, he wanted to take care of the baby that's about to be born (and he may have had at least somewhat good intentions in that regard), but he already had a family (including a son who he should have still been concerned with trying to help raise).

And I'm going to say right now that I don't like Princess Aslaug, and I think that she's up to something nefarious ... something more than just wanting to have her baby daddy in her child's life. I think that she intentionally tried to get rid of Lagertha, and that doing so is going to lead to something else. I don't know yet what that might be, but it's the vibe that I'm getting from her.

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