Saturday, March 1, 2014

'Captives' -- SPN 9x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

On one level, I was glad to get some kind of closure with Kevin (especially considering how the writers went about killing him off), and I was glad to find out that Mama Tran was really alive (like I always thought that she was), and I was glad to have Kevin yell at the boys for being complete idiots, but ... this episode was wrapped up a little too nicely in some ways. Yes, I realize that I complain if they go too far one way, and I complain if they go too far the other way, but the thing of it is that I've just gotten so tired of this show ... and I can't walk away at this point (I've been in too long). In my head, Kevin and his mom have gone off to live a quiet life together, where they will never be bothered again (cuz Kevin is dead and no longer the prophet, and there's no reason for anyone to bother them anymore), and that's just a little too much of the good things happening to them for me. THIS SHOW IS SUPPOSED TO BE ALL ABOUT THE PAINS!!

But I guess the boys have enough of the pains for everyone, right? And I guess that Sam has reason to be butthurt with Dean ... and Dean is the king of trying to pretend like everything is ok, when it's really not. But damn, I would love it if the two of them would just get over their stuff already, cuz it's beyond old at this point.

I don't see why people aren't more curious about where Crowley is (fandom may be, but I don't venture into that place since it's dark and scary in there). It seems like they should be more worried about the fact that he has jumped ship and is probably planning something ... of course, that would be par for the course with him, except for the fact that he's probably found the first blade at this point. Even if he wouldn't be able to use it the way that he would want to, I don't see him not trying to do something with it before he comes to Dean and throws the thing at his feet (probably all bent out of shape over the fact that it wouldn't work for him the way that he wanted it to).

I get the feeling that the writers probably aren't going to bring him back with the first blade until the end of the season, however, and it will probably coincide with Cas meeting up with Metatron and Gadreel. It would probably be too much to hope for that the meetings would happen in the same place and Dean would be able to use the first blade on Metatron (and Sam use it on Gadreel, even if the guy is more of a schmuck than evil). Doing that would at least get rid of Metatron once and for all, and I won't be sad to see him go (especially since he isn't the culmination of awesome that I was hoping that he would be).

And despite the fact that it would probably be more awesome than I would be able to handle, I'm not holding my breath on being able to encounter Cain again. He was far too much awesome for this show to keep coming back to (the writers are far too happy with rehashing the same old sucky drivel that they've been giving to us for years to come back to something that was a gem in mountain of mediocrity).

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