Sunday, March 9, 2014

'Buried Secrets' -- Suits 3x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

At some point, Harvey is going to have to take it a little more seriously that Luis has started getting suspicious about Mike not going to Harvard. Donna is good at being able to run people around in circles (cuz she's just fucking awesome and ginger that way), but even as amazing as Donna is, you can't take for granted that Luis is a sneak. The fact is that he is so normally suspicious about everything and everyone should make the others more aware of what he might or might not do ... and it isn't as though he hasn't been dancing around the information for a while.

And knowing that he is a giant sneak, Donna and Harvey should have been aware that it was likely that he would have opened up Mike's "transcripts" to find out what was on there (since he would have probably have wanted to gloat over how well he did in the classes, to prove that he was better than Mike at something ... which is exactly what he ended up doing). It's a good thing that Mike was able to get the fake transcripts to begin with, but now we know that the chick that put them together for him didn't know enough about the people and classes that were involved with what she was trying to fake to be able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

I have a feeling that at a certain point, Jessica is going to have to get involved with what's going on with this to get Luis to back off before he figures everything out. If not that, I think she's going to have to get involved so that they can get Luis in the fold so that he doesn't end up telling someone else about what is going on.

The whole thing with Mike wanting to get revenge on the lawyer who told his gram about what happened to his parents ... the guy had a point about Mike turning into him with the case that they were both working on. He had gotten so caught up in trying to get revenge on that lawyer for how things went down that he wasn't really thinking about what it was that he was doing to the woman that was involved (and how he might have been hurting her over the memory of her husband). Hopefully the wake up call really did sink in, and he won't go back to that place again. That doesn't mean that he won't get angry about stuff anymore, or he won't still have resentments, but at least now he might be able to think about what he's doing and how it might hurt other people who are in the same situation that he was in at one point.

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