Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Threads of Silk and Gold' -- Ripper Street 2x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, look at you, "Ripper Street," being all topical and everything. I'm so very proud of you for taking a stand and saying that love is love, regardless of who is involved (provided that the people involved are consenting adults). I also really enjoyed the fact that you made one character part of the LGBT community (even if it's on the DL within the world of the show), the main character accepting of the people that he encountered who where gay, and another major character question his opinions on the LGBT community at large (and have him do it for the better). Good on you.

Is it wrong that I was hoping that the two boys who where doing the blackmailing would be able to get away with what they were doing, and they would be able to get some kind of money out of it (so that they could get at least some of the things that they were dreaming about having)? Blackmailing is bad, blahblah, I know, but I wanted them to have nice things, and to be able to move away from Whitechapel ... maybe into the country (where they could grow vegetables and flowers and everything would be nice).

And when everything went to shit, I was at least glad that the one who survived was able to get his revenge. It won't bring back the one who died, but at least dude won't be able to hurt anyone else anymore (even if it's just hurting them by lying to them about their investments and how much money they're not making with them).

Speaking of investments ... if only that whole thing had worked, and Susan would have been able to get out from under the contract that she has. That would have been fantastic. And even if Jackson thought that the investment that he heard about was a sure thing, I don't know why he would have put in all of their money. I kept thinking that maybe they should put some in to test the waters and find out if they could get anything back from it, but that they should only put in a portion of what they had. That way, they wouldn't lose everything if the whole thing went belly up. But I guess he was wanting to get rich quick, so that Susan would be able to have all the money that she needed to buy her way out of the contract ... which still wouldn't have worked out, since I don't get the feeling that any amount of money is going to be enough to buy her freedom. I get the feeling that Jackson is going to have to get Reid and Drake involved in the whole thing and that the boys are going to have to make up some charges to send Duggan away for a good, long time.

I also am getting the feeling that the relationship between Susan and Jackson is on very shaky ground right now. First, he shot the woman who Susan was trying to talk into giving herself up a couple of episodes ago, and now, he's lost all that money. I get the feeling that the resentment that Susan is feeling for Jackson is going to fester until the two of them aren't going to be able to fix things between them. I don't want things to go that way, since I would like the two of them to work out, but it would make sense if she kicked him out on his ass (the way that the story is going).

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