Saturday, March 15, 2014

'Yesterday's Gone' -- Suits 3x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm really glad that Luis ended up letting the whole thing go about Mike's grade in the supposed class that he took. He could have made things really messy for Mike ... and for Harvey, and Jessica, and Donna, and Rachel ... and that would have made everything bad for him in the end as well. Of course, he didn't realize that when he started going after Mike for the fake grade that he got in the class, but that's what would have probably ended up happening in the end (since the two people with their names on the door would have ended up getting their licenses stripped on top of probably getting some jail time for knowing that Mike was practicing law without a license). So, even if their firm survived the fall out that would have created, there would have been a free for all in the aftermath of the arrests.

We hear so little about Harvey's family, but we know that he's super loyal to them ... and the peoples at work seem to know that if he mentions the fam, they need to just let him go (even if they understand that whatever he's saying that he's going to go take care of something with one of them, they just need to let him go). But knowing those things (plus, the one or two other things that we know about them), I really want to know some more about them. We finally got to see Harvey's dad earlier in this season, which I'm glad for, but I am really curious to see his brother as well. The two of them seem to be close ... well, maybe "close" isn't the right word. There is at least some love there (from Harvey toward his brother, but whether his brother loves him back, we wouldn't be able to tell unless we were able to meet his brother), but the fact that we've never encountered his brother makes me wonder if there's more to their story than we've been led to believe. And the fact that his mom is so completely out of the picture makes me wonder what's going on with her. But then, if they brought in his family a bunch, there might be a great deal of disappointment, since Harvey has kind of been built up as being someone who is super cool and aloof (even while he's also presented as being totally loyal to the people that he considers to be part of his circle).

Donna can never not be awesome, not matter what is going on. Sorry, that's just how she roles. I love the fact that she knows what Scotty's middle name is, even while Harvey thinks that he knows what it is. But of course she knows. How could she not? She's fucking Donna, and she knows everything that goes on. Saying that she wouldn't know something like that would be like saying that staring into the sun won't make you go blind. It's just a fact of nature. And even while I want to shake Rachel a lot of the time, I'm glad that Donna saw that stuff was bothering her and went over to try and comfort her (cuz she could have just as easily pretended like she didn't know what was going on).

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