Friday, March 21, 2014

'Blade Runners' -- SPN 9x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, now we finally have an idea of what happened with Crowley, but I am wondering what it is with this show and it's thing with making blood something that is an addictive drug. It doesn't make any kind of sense to me. The whole thing with Sam being addicted to "demon blood" when demons don't have any blood (since they're nothing more than black smoke, and he was doing nothing more than drinking human blood) made no sense. Crowley being addicted to human blood makes just as much sense as that, since (as a demon and not being in possession of an actual body ... you know what I mean ... he's using someone else's body and doesn't have one of his own) there's no way that blood would be able to effect his system (since it doesn't do anything to the system of the person that he is possessing ... at least not in that manner. The most that it would do would be to make the body that he's using sick in some way, whether it makes him throw up, or it gave him some sort of disease like AIDS). And if Crowley was really addicted to blood as though it were some sort of drug, he seemed to get over his addiction rather quickly ... like within a day or two. It was so fast, it made me wonder if he was really addicted at all, or if it was some kind of elaborate ruse on his part ... but I'm not sure that the writers were thinking of that (since they don't seem to be thinking of that sor to of thing), so I'm left thinking that they really were trying to keep going with the whole "blood is an addictive drug" idiocy. So, I'm struck again with wanting to shake the fuck out of the writers for not thinking these things through.

But at least we now know what happened with the First Blade, although it seems rather convenient that it just happened to make it to someone who had been kicked out of the Men of Letters clubhouse for being extra crazy ... and extra convenient that it made it to him just before the boys had started looking for it. Convenient to the point of being trite and unbelievable. It seemed a little too much like the writers were wanting to add some sort of full episode that involved what happened with Crowley and what happened with the First Blade, but what we got was completely unsatisfactory.

And can we just mention Dean's reaction to holding the First Blade? Jensen's constant, rippling lip curl while it was in his hand looked stupid. I understand what they were going for (trying to insinuate the rage that they want to say that Cain had to have while he was using it), but it didn't look like what I think that they were going for. Besides which, I'm not sure that they would want to go for rage when Dean was using the Blade, because of what they've established with canon. Sure, if they were actually going with canon of the Bible, I can see them having Dean a giant, green rage monster, but the fact that they have twisted the canon of the Bible and made their own (where Cain didn't actually kill Able because he was jealous, but because he loved his brother and wanted to make sure that Lucifer was unable to turn him), I don't think that rage would be the emotion that would be the only the that would be there. It seems to me that there should be something of love that colors the actions of whoever uses the Blade, since love is what sent Cain down the path he ended up going down. Sure, anger would be there as well ... he would have had to've become angry with what Lucifer did and all of the things he had been asked to do, but there had to be a subtle coloring of love in there as well (at least, that's the way it seems to me).

I'm glad that Crowley took the Blade away from the boys. They seem to have acquired a few too many Super Weapons (the Colt, Ruby's knife, an angel blade, all of the junk that they have in the bunker ...), and to give them just one more Super Weapon ... it still seems unlikely to me that they would have gained so many; there have to be other people who have gained Super Weapons. They aren't the only hunters around. And even if they're special (being the "perfect" vessels for Lucifer and Michael), we still don't know exactly what makes them special ... the writers have still not explained what it is that makes certain people capable of being vessels for angels. It has to be something in their DNA, but what it can be ... I would really like to know. I previously thought that it might be because they were descendants of angels, but when Cas killed the one Nephelim, the way they explained things when she was around, it seemed like he would have recognized if the boys were descendants of angels (or if that was something that was a requisite for someone being a vessel). But really, seeing as how angels are really only spiritual beings (and aren't actually physical beings), it doesn't seem possible for there to be Nephelim in the first place (what with them needing to have physical bodies to be able to have sex and pass on DNA, and since they would only be able to possess a human, it would be the human's DNA which would be passed on, not theirs'). Oh, the curse of the INTJ brain that makes me want to make sense of this sort of thing.

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