Saturday, March 15, 2014

'Once We Were Gods' -- Grimm 3x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ok, I can understand the bringing in of the mythos that the Egyptian gods were actually Wesen who were observed in their woge states, and people thought that they were something other than just a different kind of people (and I actually kind of like trying to explain part of the real world in that way, since it's kind of consistent with the way that people try to explain things all the time. Don't understand thunder and lightening? It's just Thor using his hammer). What bugs me, however, is the fact that the writer of this episode titled it as though that was going to be the main focus of the episode ... as though it was going to be them exploring the whole idea of how regular humans might have worshiped Wesen at one point (and how there might still be people who do so today). But instead, it was really about introducing a new group of Wesen (something akin to the gang that they introduced a while back), and showing how these people are dangerous enough that the Council wants a Grimm to take one of them out for them (so that they can simultaneously not get their hands dirty, and keep dude occupied enough that they can get someone in to steal a mummy ... and give it a real Viking funeral). It felt a little bit too much like a bait and switch when it came to that, and I feel kind of cheated.

Also ... am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that Monroe seemed to be lamenting the fact that Wesen are no longer revered and worshiped as gods? I really didn't like his comment about how they weren't worshiped anymore, and it made me feel all icky. I got the feeling from it that Monroe wanted someone to worship him the way that the Egyptians used to worship Anubis (what would be the plural form of that? Saying "Anubises" feels clumsy. Anubi, maybe?), and that doesn't feel at all consistent with the person that he has been all this time. He has been presented as someone who is far more down to earth than a lot of other people (Wesen or humans), and who is far more about people getting along with each other than with dominating anyone. That seems much more like something he might have been about before whatever change he went through that turned him from being the dude that went out hunting all the time with his ex (the Blutbad that we met that time ... her name escapes me, and I don't really feel like going to look for it right now), to being the one who does palates and doesn't eat meat or dairy.

I'm really glad that the writers didn't end up writing of Wu, even though it felt like they could have done something like that. It would have really sucked to have lost him. But I do still wish that the gang would let him know what's really going on with the world. I can understand them wanting to limit the number of people who are in on their little secret, but at the same time, those of them who know Wu do seem to trust him enough to know what's going on ... not counting the fact that knowing would probably help with his mental well being (despite having been able to handwave the entire incident that sent him into the psych ward in the first place).

As far as Adalind and the dude getting away from the new prince ... that was a little bit too convenient that Renard just happened to call them right before the hunting party came looking for them. If the baby is really all that important, why would Renard have waited for two days before he called to have them leave? Wouldn't he have assumed the worst after the first day and told them that they should probably hoof it before someone came looking for them? Especially when you consider how little he trusts his cousin, and how much he knows that his cousin is up to no good. If you can't get ahold of your mole, it would seem prudent to assume the worst and get those who you are trying to protect out of harm's way.

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