Saturday, March 22, 2014

'Moot Point' -- Suits 3x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I have a feeling that this whole thing with Luis is going to come between Harvey and Scotty, and I'm not sure that I'd be entirely sad if it did. Scotty has kind of grown on me, but I can't see the two of them lasting with each other for very long (despite the fact that they seem to like each other so much). The two of them are both far too much Type A to last all that long with each other. The both of them would probably work at least a little bit better with someone who was a bit more Type B. I still wish that Harvey would end up with Donna, but I know that that isn't something that is going to happen any time soon.

I have a feeling that something may come of Mike having no license. The whole thing with Jessica calling him into her office to want him to take his name completely off of the case so that Harvey could do the interview without having the reporter want to talk to Mike (and then, him saying that things were always going to be like that, and Jessica essentially telling him "duh, smart guy) makes me suspicious that something more is about to happen ... and not just something that they're going to be able to brush under the rug like they've been able to up until this point. But then, you've got to expect that they aren't going to be able to get away with him practicing law (and at least four other people in the office realizing that's what he's doing) without there being consequences. Something is going to have to happen because of that.

And once Luis finds out ... I can't decide whether or not he would be on the gang's side. He certainly has the capacity to be a prick (and to make everything far harder for them then it needs to be), but I can also see him being completely loyal to anyone who might decide to be half-way decent to him (regardless of his history with them ... just take what's been happening with him and Harvey recently. The two of them have hated each other for years, but they've started to become friends recently).

It would actually be kind of fun if someone else found out about the secret. Sure, other people finding out would/could mean the end of the series if it meant that the Man found out about what has been happening, since that would mean that people would be arrested all over the place (including the two people who have their name on the door), but there's only so long that this can be kept under wraps without it being leaked; and the fact is that even if something like this could theoretically be kept under wraps for years in real life, in TV time, that shit isn't going to be kept secret for as long.

Why am I kind of hoping that the Man finds out what's been going on? Or at least that there is an investigation of some sort and someone almost finds out? It would be delicious.

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