Sunday, March 16, 2014

'Dynamite and a Woman' -- Ripper Street 2x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I don't know why, but for like half the episode, I was thinking that the setting was Five Points instead of Whitechapel. ::facepalm:: I have no idea why I had a momentary brainfart into thinking that I was watching "Copper," or something. Probably had something to do with the fact that it's a period cop shop, and there were Irish all over the place in this episode (and there was probably a bit of the fact that the shows are kind of similar with the tropes that they use ... and season one had a big deal made of an explosion). Not a great excuse, but that's all I have at the moment.

I'm wondering just how many friends Reid has, if he doesn't understand how people tease each other when they like each other ... or maybe that's maybe more of an American way to go about showing that you like someone? Cuz it seemed obvious to me that Jackson was being affectionate with him.

I was really glad that the Chief Inspector mentioned the fact that the constable died in the last series (and that it might color the way that Reid is looking at putting kids in harms way), since I loved that character, and I didn't like the idea of everyone forgetting about him ... besides the fact that homeboy's death would have to color the way that Reid is looking at things afterwards.

The beginning of the episode with Flight going to the priest and confessing that he had lied ... I think that the writers were trying to go for a bait and switch with that ... making us think that he was talking about something else, but revealing that he was actually talking about what happened in the episode. The thing is that I still don't completely trust Flight; I still think that he's up to something, and that even though we have found out some things about him (like that his mother died when he was small, and his father drank himself to death (and that's why he doesn't want to drink now)), I still don't think that we can completely trust him. I can't shake the feeling that there's something about him that is kind of suspicious, and that he is going to turn out to be someone that is going to fuck everyone's shit up. I may be completely wrong about him, and I will admit that right now; it could very well be that I am feeling suspicious about things that are completely innocent ... but that doesn't stop me from being suspicious of him. And I'll admit that now that we know a little bit of something about him, I am curious to know more about him, and want to know what his deal is.

I was kind of happy by the fact that when Flight was in the pup, they played a trad song that I hadn't heard before. The fact that I listen to so much music from that area of the world, the chances of me knowing the song that is being played when a character walks into an Irish pub is pretty good. (and let's not get how annoyed I got during that episode of "Castle," where Beckett and Castle went into the Irish pub, and they were playing a song by "The Real McKenzies" ... a Scotch-Canadian band. Still Celticly influenced, but splitting hairs over here)

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