Sunday, March 23, 2014

'The Show Must Go On' -- Grimm 3x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'll admit that when I saw the whole carnival thing, my first thought was of the last season of "Heroes," since the carnival of people with powers was the whole premise for the last season ... a season which sucked so very, very hard. The thing is that it was something that I theoretically should have liked, since I've done something very similar when it came to a SPN fanfic, and I like the idea of people who are different from the dominant norm sticking together for support and protection; but that season of "Heroes" just didn't pan out correctly, and this particular episode I felt like it kind of teetered on the edge of sucking.

The thing that I thought possibly saved it from going right into full-blown sucking was the fact that the writers introduced the idea of Wesen suffering from a kind of sickness when they woge too much. It did bring up the question (in my mind) of how much is too much, but it is certainly a cool addition to the mythos of the world that the writers are creating. My question is how much is too much? Would it be something that is kind of universal for everyone (where you know how much you can do without causing damage, and are able to kind of tap dance on the line), or does it matter on the kind of Wesen (would a Blutbad be able to last for a little longer than an Eisbiber), or is it more of the constitution of the individual (regardless of what kind of Wesen that they are)? Yeah, these are the kind of things that I wonder about.

And I'm also wondering why it was that the other Wesen who were in the show waited until the very end of the episode to do something about the Löwen who was in charge of the show. If they were really that upset about what happened to their Blutbad friend from having to woge too much, why wouldn't they have done something sooner. Ok, it may have only have been the Fuchsbau chick who was really that upset about what was happening to him, but the way that the actors were playing the scenes where the Löwen was browbeating them, they seemed like they didn't like the way that things were. But they might have only have really have been upset by the fact that the things that he did brought the attentions of a Grimm down upon them (in addition to a couple of cops).

The fact that Rosalee just happened to be chosen to fill in for the show seemed a little too convenient to me. Sure, not having either Rosalee or Monroe involved with the show (and having the one that is the Fuchsbau is a little more likely than the one who was the Blutbad, since there was already a Blutbad in the show) would have meant that the forward action of the show would have been stalled, but that still doesn't mean that it didn't feel overly convenient.

I really don't want Nick to back out of being the best man in Monroe and Rosalee's wedding. The fact is that he is Monroe's bestie, and it only seems right that he is the best man. But I can completely understand his reluctance to go through with the whole thing. If the whole thing with Monroe's parents was any indication of what could happen, it's possible that some sort of thing might happen again. The thing of it is that I can't see their wedding be something that was that large or elaborate. I have a feeling that it's going to be something rather small, and the people that are going to be involved are going to be people who already know that Nick is a Grimm, or people who wouldn't be bothered by the fact that he is. So, when it comes down to it, I have the feeling that all the stress that he's having over it is going to be for nothing.

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