Saturday, March 22, 2014

'Eye for an Eye' -- Vikings 2x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'll admit to being distracted every time that Jarl Borg comes on screen (and not because his name is "Borg," and if I had been a Trekker or Trekkie, I might have been tempted to make some sort of lame joke about being assimilated), because he reminds me of someone, but I haven't been able to put my finger on who it is exactly. I think that he might remind me of Kevin McKidd (who I kind of adore, and who I completely loved on "Journeyman" ... a show which I wish had lasted longer than half a season, since it was amazing and could have turned into something much more interesting) ... at least a little bit in his coloring and the shape of his face, but there might be someone else who he reminds me of. I just wish that I could think of who else it could be, because it's driving me a bit batty. But I will admit that I get a bit of glee out of the fact that the actor who plays him is named "Thorbjørn," which (if I am remembering correctly) should mean "Thor" and "bear". It probably shouldn't give me as much glee as it does, but in a dorky sort of way, it completely does.

Athelstan!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! Why must they do awful things to our favorite conflicted former-sometimes priest? Isn't enough that he's completely conflicted about his faith? Do they really need to turn him into some sort of sometimes Pagan Jesus (just because dude kind of looks like what we have to think of what Jesus is supposed to look like ... even though there's really no way that we could know for certain)? And while we're at it ... was it really necessary for him to stop running and hide in that little knob, and then, fall asleep? Stupid. He may have needed to rest for a second, but he should have kept going after he was able to catch his breath. He should have known that it wasn't going to be that easy once they had been attached, and it appeared that they were being attacked from all sides (and that the ninja Saxon warriors weren't going to stop until they had gotten everyone that they thought was a Viking, since the arrows just kept coming and coming and coming). I suppose that it was something that has kind of been built up to that he needs to confront his old faith, so that he can possibly move on to a new one, or can give up on faith all together ... I find it a bit more likely that he find some sort of fusion between Christianity and Heathenism.

And what makes what happened to him a little bit worse is the fact that he thought that he was doing the right thing by staying to help with the negotiations, instead of going back with Ragnar to help get back is lands from Jarl Borg and to save Ragnar's family. The guy just cannot win (and is the show's prettiest damsel in distress). I only hope that once Ragnar is able to lay the beat down on Borg, he's able to go back, and he'll be able to find out what happened to Athelstan (and, perhaps, help him out if he still needs it).

I also want to know what happened to King Horik and the dudes that weren't out with the hunting party. Were they also attacked? Or was only the hunting party attacked, because the Ecbert's men thought that they would be easy pickings? WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE DUDES THAT STAYED IN ENGLAND? YARG!!

I am so very glad that Lagertha and Bjorn have come to help Ragnar (despite what her douche husband thinks). I suspected that the two of them would come to the rescue once they heard what was going on with him, despite how things ended when they last saw each other. I get the feeling that even though Lagertha left for her own self-respect (despite having failed it with the new guy ... a dude that I want to beat to death with a rake), she still has feelings for him. I wish that the two of them could have stayed together, but I suppose that they were needing something to get between them because drama! (and that the real people that the characters are loosely based on really did get divorced, so ... yeah).

I still want to shake the fuck out of Aslaug. In fact, I want to shake her even more than I wanted to shake her when she first showed up all preggers with the first of her kids with Ragnar. I still feel like she's up to something, but I wonder now if part of that feeling comes from the fact that she's a spoiled little rich girl. Perhaps a little.

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