Saturday, March 8, 2014

'Invasion' -- Vikings 2x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Does it make me a bad person that I wanted to laugh when Ragnar was mackin' on that serving girl right in front of the new and less cool wife? You know ... the one that thought that she would be able to waltz in all preggers and take over (even though he was already married and had a kid)? All I kept thinking was that she got exactly what she deserved for how she played things with Lagertha. Karma's a bitch, isn't she? Yep, and that's why I don't like to get in her way.

It was good to see a bit of Athelstan after not getting any of him during the season premier, but I have to wonder just how long they are going to keep calling him "Priest". He's been with them for four years now, and he's assimilated into their culture; and I don't get the impression that he's doing anything that would get him labeled as a priest by anyone of that faith. It seems likely that he may still have a good deal of Christian guilt (since that shit doesn't leave you very easily, especially if you've been in the faith for a good amount of time), but I get the impression from him that he's moving his way toward being a Heathen (and I use this term both as the way the Christians would have used it at the time, and the way that the Germanic Neo-paganists use it now ... meaning that they follow the Northern tradition).

And as much as I stand by my previous statements about Rollo being a giant cock who needs to be body slammed into some rocks, I think that if karma keeps pwning him directly in his stupid face, he might turn into something other than the waste of space that he has been. He seems to be learning that he can't be a giant doorknob and expect to have everything go his way all of the time. Maybe he'll be willing to earn the things that he wants now (and treat people the way that he should have been treating them the entire time).

And speaking of Rollo ... what the hell was going on with Aslaug calling Siggy into her bedroom and wanting to be friends now? Sure, Siggy is with Rollo, and Rollo has only just been forgiven by Ragnar, but shouldn't Aslaug have been doing something about Siggy before now if she wanted to be able to head things off at the pass? If she was really worried about how Siggy might want to have her old position back, why wait until four years down the line to address the issue and try to make sure that everything's cool? Again I was struck by the feeling that Aslaug is up to something, but I just can't figure out yet what it might be. It may be nothing more than her thinking that since she's a princess, and her parents are famous, she should be able to manipulate people and get whatever she wants ... but I think that there's something more going on with her.

Again, Floki made me all kinds of happy ... especially when they were in the longboats, and GSkrs had that great expression (while he was probably staring at a giant green screen) of ZOMG!Wave!!!!!!! Oh, Floki. Also, his reaction to other people's boats ... ha!! Of course he's going to think that boats made by anyone other than himself are going to be complete crap (cuz they are. No one makes longboats as well as Floki does, and that's a fact).

I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to happen with King Ecbert, since if he pays out even a little bit of what the writers are building him up as being ... this might turn out to be kind of amazing. I also have a feeling that Bjorn and Lagertha are going to be back in Ragnar's life at some time in the near future, and that they are likely to fight alongside him against King Ecbert; Ragnar will probably convince Lagertha that it would behoove her to fight alongside him against Ecbert (and Bjorn will probably go along with Lagertha out of loyalty to her). I sincerely hope that there is all manner of tension there between them after what happened (since it would be completely delicious), and I am looking forward to seeing Bjorn see Floki again (probably making some sort of comment about how he's not as tall as he used to be). As loyal as Floki will probably always be to Ragnar (despite how much of an idiot he can be), I think that Floki has always been fond of Bjorn (and probably Lagertha as well).

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