Sunday, March 30, 2014

'Heartburn' -- Suits 3x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am sad that Luis and his girlfriend broke up, but it seemed like the two of them were bound for failure (despite just how perfect they were for each other). The fact that the two of them being together would have made it that much harder for Mike and everyone to keep Mike's secret from getting out to more people, it felt like the writers weren't going to keep the two of them together (if for nothing more than to make sure that the temptation wasn't there for Luis to start asking questions later on when/if the temptation struck him).

When Rachel started doing the "I'm asking about my friend" thing with Luis, I seriously wanted to shake the two of them. Her for not just coming straight out and tell him exactly what she was talking about, cuz you know he's not the type to pick up on social cues. And him for being so completely oblivious about what's going on right in front of him. He should have been able to tell that something was bothering her. But he's never been one who has picked up on how other people are feeling, even in the best of times (and since he was feeling so good about having survived his heart attack, he was a little bit more self involved than he normally is ... but I don't suppose that I can blame him for that. I can't say that I wouldn't be at least a little bit self involved if something like that happened).

I wonder, however, if the promise of paying for Rachel's school was actually something that Luis was going to do on his own (without the knowledge or consent of Jessica). I wouldn't put it past him to pay for her schooling out of his own pocket, seeing as how he does like and care about her (even if he is a bit oblivious about things that are actually going on). Hell, it was his friendship with her that got him to agree to Mike's demands in the first place when she and Mike where trying to get him to stop with his transcripts (sure, it didn't work out the way that they planned, but she was at least able to get him to do something that Mike would not (and could not) have been able to get him to do).

If she hadn't been so hurt by what Luis had said, I think that Rachel and Luis would have been able to clear everything up right then. I really do think that there is a giant misunderstanding going on between the two of them, and if they could just broach the subject with each other, things would be ok between the two of them again.

Donna was awesome as always. It made me happy that even though she and Luis don't always see eye-to-eye on stuff (and he has a tendency to get on her nerves), she understood that when he said that he didn't want visitors, he wanted her to be there ... and that he really did want her there. I'm glad that she went to see him, cuz I don't think that anyone else would have (well, besides the girlfriend ... who is now the ex-girlfriend), and I think that he needed people to be with him right then (or at least, one or two, so that he understood that he wasn't forgotten). I also really dug the fact that as soon as she saw the ex crying by the elevator, she understood what had happened, went to him, and just sat with him. Sometimes when bad things happen, you just need someone to be quiet with you.

Also, as much shit as they tend to give him (and it's shit that he really does deserve), it made me happy that he understood that he really is family there. I really think that's something that he needs, cuz I'm not sure how much he has in the way of family and friends (and everyone needs a connection with someone else).

I like the way that the preview for this episode tried to make you wonder who it was who had the heat attack (and by that, I mean that the way that the preview was cut was kind of tired, in that it was kind of the same as all of the other previews that try to be sneaky). The way that they put it together, it looked like they were trying to make you wonder if it was actually Harvey who had the attack, but the fact that they were trying to be so sneaky about who it happened to (and were so obvious about not showing Harvey in the preview) made me sure that it wasn't him. I didn't think that it would have been Luis either, but that was more cuz I wasn't really thinking of him during the preview; I was more just sure that it wasn't going to be Harvey.

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