Saturday, March 15, 2014

'Treachery' -- Vikings 2x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, Siggy. Trying to be the Shield Maiden that you have obviously never been. You just won a few points with me for that ... even if I still don't completely trust that you aren't up to something.

The way that Floki was side eyeing Athelstan in this episode. No wonder he keeps calling Athelstan "Priest," instead of just letting that go (and accepting that he may no longer believe in the Christian God ... or think that it doesn't really matter whether he does believe or not); he doesn't trust Athelstan's motivations, or what he's up to. It almost seems as though he's so loyal to Ragnar that he is constantly looking for betrayers where there might not be any. Even if Athelstan really hasn't converted to paganism, I don't see how that should really matter (but it might to Floki, or some of the others). Floki might see his not actually converting as one more reason to not trust what he says, and one more reason to think that he might end up betraying them in the end (cuz they don't have the same world view in a religious frame of mind). And I don't know that his compassion for the priests is going to do Athelstan any good, at least in Floki's eyes.

But speaking of compassion, I'm not sure that Floki really knows Ragnar as well as he thinks he does ... no matter how loyal Floki might be to him. I think that he really would have been surprised to find out that Ragnar had made sure that the little ginger went unseen by the others. And he may have questioned Ragnar's sanity at finding something like that out. And knowing that Ragnar is perhaps a bit more compassionate than the others ... I wonder how that's going to play out later on. I have a feeling that something is going to come of him hiding that little ginger, and him taking in the fact that Athelstan ended the priest's suffering. It may not turn out to be anything at all, but I have a feeling like we're being led toward something where that is concerned.

I am already hating Lagertha's new husband, and I can't wait for her knife him while Bjorn watches (oh, the mother/son bonding that would go on with the killing of such a giant douche). And I'm sure that he would think that he's being super awesome and generous in all of his douchery, but he can suck it. And I have no doubt that she's going to end up leaving him to go back and help Ragnar out ... I just hope that she really does knife the bitch before she leaves.

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