Monday, March 3, 2014

'Revelation' -- Grimm 3x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Sooooo ... all you need to do to get rid of generations worth of racism is to have members of different groups to sniff each other? I call bullshit on that. It seems like there would have to be a lot more to it than that. Monroe's dad seems to be the one who is a little more hardheaded, and I'll admit to that, but his mom fully admitted that she believed in the "old ways". As such, it seems to me that it would take more than just sniffing Rosalee than that.

I found the whole thing with Monroe's dad to be a little more believable. He saw that Nick wasn't going to kill him (and not only helped Monroe, but also helped him), but he still doesn't completely trust Nick to not cut off his head. And speaking of that, I did find the dinner at the end of the episode to be kind of amusing if for nothing more than it was completely awkward.

I was hoping to have the episode have a little more of the Wild Hunt, since it's something that I think that is rather cool (and not just cuz it's a Norse thing), but it was good to get to see some resolution with Monroe's family and them dealing with Nick and Rosalee.

Of course Adalind's baby is going to be the big bad that will come if the Wild Hunt comes around again. We couldn't have the baby just be something that is being used against the royals; it has to be the most significant thing in the entire world ... even though the writers really haven't done much of anything with either her or the baby so far (only giving us little bits and pieces up until now). I am also very curious as to why Sean believes that he is the father of the baby. We haven't been given any proof that should make us think that he is a more likely candidate than Eric, and we only have his suspicions to go on (which isn't really proof). I'd really like to have the writers give us something of what makes Renard think that the baby is his ... but then, I'd also really like to have them deal with the fact that they keep having people say that Eric is dead, but we still haven't seen a body (and as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't mean that he's dead).

Perhaps now we will be getting a bit more of the mythos with the royals and the resistance, and we will find out what is going on with the baby as to why it's supposedly so important. One could only hope, since that stuff has been put on the back burner far too much.

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